Expedition II: Operation "Persera"

just somebody should remember what we all did to stretch the impossible :)

I think you just volunteered to start your own club ;)

I don't think it will be much work - there can't be many people prepare to SC into nothing for actual, real world, calendar days to chase this record.

I take my hat off to you all. Mad sons of unmarried mothers that you are.
naahh.. a club sooner or later becomes a "political organization" ;) (rules, forms, rekord evaluations).. I am only interested not too lose a track of it.. as I think it is important for humanity how far we traveled from our Old Sun..

and after all what would that be? a club of 5 members? nahh :D

P.S. I am just glad to see that there are at least few pilots as insane as I am
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