Community Event / Creation Fan Creation Resources.

Quite a few fan creations are starting to emerge, and especially the Signatures thread seems to be very popular with Mobius doing custom work right and left (thanks).

I like playing around with graphics, but I don't have the patience and/or time for for the more tedious and time consuming bits.
I was wondering if there is an interest in sharing templates, resources or anything else you have used or created during the creative process. By that I don't mean your finished work, but the stuff you made one the way there.
If so, please provide links or post pictures in this thread.

1. Do not post copyrighted material.
2. Concept art, media and resources released by FD can be found here: Elite: Dangerous Media Thread. Do not repost it here.
3. FD released resources that you have modified is ok within the guidelines we have been given for it's use by FD. (Attribution, non commercial and so on.)
4. If you want to have your work attributed to yourself, this is probably not the right place for it.
5. Tutorials are welcome and encouraged.
6. Suggestions for amendments to this first post are welcome, including instructions for removal if I'm stepping on anyone's toes.
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Nothing immediatly springs to mind but i this seems a good place to post that if anyone wants screensavers created from their promotional videos then im happy to oblige ?

Could be handy for promotional purposes for thier books etc or for downloading from their websites ..
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does anyone have a hi-res version of the logo? I'm looking to build the it on my minecraft server :D
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