Final Week At Frontier | Sally Morgan-Moore

Truly the end of an era.

Must bear up...

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Greetings Commanders.

This week I'm doing some hefty all-system-flight-checks as I plot course with a new trajectory, leading me away from Frontier HQ and our beloved Elite Dangerous Galaxy on Friday November 3rd.

To those who have known me for any amount of time here over the last 6 years (collectively) on Elite, from Production days behind the curtain to then a majorly honored PM and eventual Snr CM for you all - thank you so much for being one of the major factors in why I'm so very proud to have been a part of Frontier and the titles I've worked on.

It shall continue to be said that Elite Dangerous Commanders are an incredibly unique and precious example of some of the truest passion and comradery in online player communities.

You have all contributed massively to my own growth; evolving and motivating my ever fired up ambition for nurturing player bases, with this glorious understanding I've developed from you all, of just how powerful personal experiences through gaming are for everyone (for not only players though, but development teams too. Everyone involved. It's huge!).

Thank you so much for all that you have given or still give to the Galaxy.
We built this space - check the double meaning on that one! - together!
All of us! And so it will continue!​

My next mission is one that I am majorly excited and grateful to have been offered and accepted. It's an incredible step to take with the experience I've gained and I'm blessed for the support I've had from my close friends and Frontier, following my decision to make this truly meaningful move.

I am so very ready to fall madly in love with this new journey, as I did here with you all and all of the teams back here that I am utterly obsessed with.
They're astounding individuals with a heck of a lot of talent.


Keep blazing that magnificent trail, you wonderful, wonderful stars.
Always in my heart.

Safe travels on your next mission Sally o7
Sally! I was just logging out and saw this thread show in the 'Latest Posts' thing and a big whaaat? I have to say it's been great having you as our community manager/rep/liason and sad to see you're leaving.
It's been great having you be with us through thick and thin but the best thing was when I was watching the latest stream from Pit Con...when somehow you made your way over to where the camera for the youtube was and you acted non-chalantly talking to someone playing the game...and then you walked off screen...but 2 seconds later, stepping back into the frame and giving a huge wave to all of us who were only there, via the stream. Such a sweet gesture that was not missed! (that can be seen in the "live from Pit Con" around 3:09:15 to 3:09:32) .

Well, a big 07 back and wishing you all be best! You'll be missed!

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So sad to hear your leaving @sallymorganmoore, I'll miss your little personal comments on the build update notes :D.
I wish you all the best for your future endeavours & it was a pleasure to meet you & the gang at the Elite Meet in Wokingham earlier this year.
May your journey be free of pirates & full of wonders.. o7
CMDR Spodge
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