Finding Hazardous Resource Extraction Sites - Haz RES

Nice High Tech Federation bounty hunting system that is ALD controlled with scoopable star

Mazahuanses > Mazahuanses 3 > Messerschmid Orbital (Coriolis) orbits Mazahuanses 3 B just a few Ls away with full RRR and comprehensive outfitting.

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HazRES located at HK Aquarii 4. The Leestma Enterprise space station offers L pad and full facilities about 520ls away.
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Dasar > Dasar 2, Dasar 4 > Outposts only, no repair, no restock. Planetary Prot available.
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LP 876-26 1 -- Two HazRES zones. The only restock/refuel/repair and large-pad capability in system is at Galliano Beacon planetary base a couple thousand ls away from the HazRES.
37 Ursae Majoris 3 & 4 (two HazRes zones, both planets in mutual orbit, so HazRES are close by each other). Oppenheimer Dock is a L full-service orbital nearby.
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I'm confused a little, is there no way to actually search for HAZ sites, is a list of systems that all appear to be a long way away the option? Are there no make up criteria that can allow an educated guess or search? I ask as I'm trying to find some around JM (100-200 LY) but the list of systems have no distance representation. IE from SOL etc. Do you have any tips for navigating the list?

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