Fleet Carriers Update - Beta 2 has now ended!

Stephen Benedetti

Community Manager

Greetings Commanders,

Now that both of the Fleet Carriers Betas have come to an end, we'd like extend a huge thank you to all of the Commanders who took the time to jump in, whether that was on PC, PlayStation or Xbox. All the invaluable feedback that you've shared with us both here, on the forums, across social media and in videos and round-ups, has been incredibly important towards the development of Fleet Carriers.

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be introducing a number of changes to Fleet Carriers in time for the release in June:
  • The buttons used to increase or decrease both the bank and the commodity market will now scale, like other systems in-game, when depositing credits or adjusting commodity prices.
  • Tritium mining will receive adjustments before launch to make it more lucrative (particularly in relation to sub-surface mining).
  • A credit exploit involving selling modules in a Fleet Carrier's outfitting service has been fixed.
  • A bug that swapped the names of certain locations and markets in the game has also been fixed (with key examples such as Ceres Tarn receiving its original name once more!).
  • A bug preventing the transfer of commodities such as Thargoid Sensors, Guardian Urns and others on Fleet Carriers has been resolved.
  • A credit exploit via trading using the wing bonus has been resolved.
You've had a chance to experience Fleet Carriers in the Beta, and we can't wait to see what you'll do with them in the live servers and we're pleased to announce that the wait isn't long! The Fleet Carrier Update will emerge from hyperspace and come to Elite Dangerous on 9 June!

Once again thank you for all your efforts and contributions! See you out in the black.

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Really happy to see a release on the 9th of June already (didn't expect it this soon)!

But it has me worried that those are the only changes you're mentioning after beta 2 concluded. Will you be going through the focused feedback and address it at a later point in time? Or is this the final state of things?
Tritium mining will receive adjustments before launch to make it more lucrative (particularly in relation to sub-surface mining).
I hope that by ''more lucrative" you mean "more productive". I'll be mining Tritium for (a lot of) fuel, not money. Also, while I understand your desire to make subsurface mining relevant, do you really want to inflict it on people who are trying to mine thousands of tons to refuel a carrier out in the black?
I intentionally stayed way from fleet carriers and plan to keep that. Why? Two reasons: upkeep and forced decommission.
How to fix?
  • Remove base upkeep. Bought services have the potential to make money, upkeep for them is acceptable. If account runs out, those services stop functioning. When debt is paid they resume operation. On that note change commodity market to a bought service as well.
  • Change debt based decommission to inactivity time based moth-balling system. If a technical problem requires to remove "abandoned" carriers from map, debt base isn't good anyways, some players have the money to keep them running for years without even logging in. Time based remove (let's say 2 month without login) is much better. And change it to store the carrier instead of decommission. This isn't about the money, the full refund isn't a solution. Imagine the player buys the carrier, buys services, stock, moves his stuff on it, then jumps all the way to beagle point. Next day has an accident IRL and lies 2 month in a comma. When he gets back to the game his carrier is gone, has to start over. Sure, he got his money back, but not the invested time. Store the "abandoned" carrier somewhere in a dry dock, and let the owner re-activate it when coming back.
Very much this. Even if you are determined to keep functionalities that players overwhelmingly hate (why though?) there’s been no mention of the numerous bugs and UI issues. Feels like you didn’t really bother to implement any of the changes players highlighted for you during the second beta.
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