Fleet Carriers Update patch 1 - Downtime and patch notes

They've nerfed everything we love and enjoy about this game.

As a combat player, I demand pay equity! I mine because I'd go broke playing combat. and powerplay costs more than it pays and so does BGS. I go mining so I can afford to play the game the way I like it. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
Bounty Hunters should go on strike.
  • Reduced the largest possible yield when subsurface mining for Low Temperature Diamonds by around 25%.
  • Decreased the effectiveness of the peripheries of Low Temperature Diamond hotspots.
    • Overlapping hotspots for Low Temperature Diamonds, when coupled with the new Subsurface Mining changes, were more effective than the centre of the hotspot itself. This change increases the drop-off of the hotspot's ring, reducing the likelihood that a double-overlapped hotspot is more lucrative than either of the hotspot's centrepoints. A well-placed triple hotspot will still be very effective at increasing the likelihood of finding Low Temperature Diamonds. This change does not affect any other hotspots or minerals.
Everything marked as FIXED gives me a good feeling, the above use of the words "Reduced/Decreased" indicates once again just ordinary, fun destroying NERFING, and it also invalidates ALL external sources of information on the web, the ones we so much rely on to make it all playable. And before any fan tries to be negative about me being negative... i have years and over 5000 hours in this game. So i really do know what the game is: a good deal of FUN with a lot of PAIN. It still can be improved a lot in the area of user experience, make it as much FUN as possible should be the mission.
Thanks for the patch notes, all looks very reasonable to me. I personally always thought the LTD, VO and Painite mining was broken. I used it, but only because other areas of the game weren't competitive, i would like to see mining reduced further and everything else buffed. But I think it should take a long time to buy all the ships you want.
Really that's it? Hope there will be another patch. There's so much more wrong with with this update, that in the past has been fixed. Like the audio message for ship transfer emails occurring when the transfer is made not when the transfer is complete. This bug was previously released and fixed years ago.

What about the docking computer message claiming its retracting the landing gear only on carriers?

Or the transfer button remaining disabled if you're looking at the panel at the moment you land?

Or the sell individual page button not working at all for subsequent pages (unconfirmed pending retest)?

I hope you haven't given up yet frontier.
I have max 10b, without goldrushes, I'm happy too. Mining is too good.
Always the folks with alot of credits telling everyone else what is too good.

Mining was fine. For those who didn't want to do it for hours on end it gave you an opportunity to actually earn enough for a fleet carrier doing it sparingly. I can't mine for hours and hours but it was nice to do once in a while to earn some credits.

Then I could actually do other things in the game I enjoyed regardless of payout and still see a way to being able to afford a fleet carrier eventually. Hopefully that isn't going to change.
I'm in the game :)

Good work FDev, nice & quick. Fingers crossed for server stability, fingers crossed the BGS hasn't gone even more haywire ;)
Oh well, so it will take 25-40% longer to get the exact same amount of LTD's that will presumably sell for the exact same amount as before.. not going to spit the dummy overly much I guess
Im new to this. But im pretty sure that the overlapping hotpsot was specifically targeted at LTD. At least thats the impression i got when i read it. Which suggests that overlapping hotspots for other metals/minerals are not affected. But this quick 'fix' may have another side effect. It may force anyone and everyone that wants to mine LTD into the closest Triple hotspot. At least thats the impression i get. Either way im not bothered by it. I could never get to the 3xLTD sector anyway. It was too far.
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