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Disappointing, stranded carriers in Colonia, and it is far too expensive to ship fuel out from the bubble, unless using alt accounts. Am not bothered about making huge sums of cash trading tritium, however the buy price should be reasonable. It would cost me nearly a billion credits if I wanted to help a stranded carrier in Colonia, and that is only shipping 7000 tonnes, 17,000 tonnes is needed just to get the carrier there and back.
This should be fixed in the upcoming patch with the mining adjustment.
So, do you still insist we need 100 man*hours to make carrier full of trit in Void? Even with those fixes it will be so. Why?!
Current situation differs from last beta only - in current u need to find some special place, and on beta that was anywhere. Still 100 man * hours for full trit.
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while i was able to eventually fuel my carriers trip back to the bubble it did take a week with multiple cmdrs doing sub-surface mining. So while possible it is a significant investment in time, provided you are outfitted for ssd mining. I didn't even both fitting mining lasers.
Oh, right ...yday had 3 times, when entering carrier signal landing pads fly separated from carrier. When come close it somehows "jump" on screen and makes whole. Maybe anyhow related to carriers running away?
" Fixed issues related to diminishing returns for commodities in overlapping hotspots "
talking about 'diminishing' .. I call that an 'ablation' of resources.
Now let's see how wel you fixed the odds this time around, and if they still stay viable after a week, or not .. who knows (not Fdev, for sure)
and don't worry, we will test it for you, free of charge, and report the failures for your convenience.
Your keen-to-be-testers userbase.
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Greetings, Commanders!

We're pleased to confirm that the patch described in our Known Issues post from earlier this week is expected this Wednesday 29 July at 11:00 UTC with an estimated 15 minutes of downtime. Please find the Patch Notes and Known Issues below:

Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue whereby surface deposits created after cracking a motherlode would flag themselves as depleted
  • Fixed issues related to diminishing returns for commodities in overlapping hotspots

Crashes and Stability
  • Fixed an issue where loading into an instance in a system with a large amount of Fleet Carriers would cause very long load times (potentially long enough to cause a disconnect)

Fleet Carriers
  • Fixed an issue which stopped Fighters being restocked from a Fleet Carrier
  • Fixed a number of issues related to Fleet Carrier positioning:
    • Better enforcement of the 16 carrier limit per body
    • Preventing departing Fleet Carriers from taking up one of the 16 slots from the body they've just left
    • Further work to ensure Carriers are positioned away from other nearby body sites, such as other Fleet Carriers

Known Issues

Fleet Carriers
  • When opening the Fleet Carrier naming pop up in the Livery, an additional unwanted character will be added to the start and end of the name. These characters will need to be manually deleted to prevent them being included.

Please note that the above notes are liable to change as adjustments are made and changes are added or removed. Tweaks may be made up until the time of launch.

Thanks as always for your continued feedback!


Thanks for the patch notes.

Any chance the Tritium replenish rate in stations is being re-evaluated?
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