For FDevs -- Elite:Localisation (Rus localisation fixes, Part II)

Dear Frontier Developers, greetings from Russian E:D community!
This is a second part of our Elite:Translation fix project.

Since Part One we did a lot of work, so now we are ready and happy to present you a pretty huge amount of fixes.
Some fixes are coming from onging beta (look Part one), like many beta stuff, maybe some placeholders, etc, but a lot of mistakes are chasing us from E:D first release. We are waited many years when they will be fixed, but they are still not.

But! Due to REALLY large amount of text, we are decided not to posting fixes exactly here but make a big good >>>Google Docs table<<<. Tables. Many tables with many fixes.

OFCOURCE we wanted make your work with this file pretty easy for you, so it contains original English text, existing "localisation", and community approved fixes.

Part one was about only beta, Part two about other part of beta and alredy existing elder silly issues, and MAYBE there will be part 3 with more "deep placed" issues. But our main priorities are exactly part 1 and 2, becouse they are connected to most important parts of game.

Thank you for your attention.
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