ANNOUNCEMENT Frontier Developments Celebrating 25 Years!

Congratulations and thank you for making my childhood dream possible!

Oh, Frontier, we,ve come a long way together:

I started to love to fly around Lave sector on the C64 in my friends house and we lived through some nerve wrecking fights with Thargoids or some smuggling of contraband passing police ships with our landing computer on.

I searched for something like Elite: Dangerous for a long time in my life, and spent several years within EVE Online and other space sims. But I dropped my EVE account immediately when I saw that Elite: Dangerous would come out. Especially hearing that flying skill will determine the outcome of a dog fight and not just stats (like in EVE).
And I was sold after they announced VR support.

I love every moment in the game and I can live my dream of a space explorer.

I moved out to Colonia after the Christmas Carrier Convoy and the Dove Enigma expedition. The bubble was too busy for me and I yearned for the black.

I am looking forward meeting up with the DW 2 expedition at Sag A.

Thank you, Forntier, for all the memorable moments in your virtual world, and for making my childhood dream come true, to explore space as if I would be out there.

Fly safe! o7
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I first played the original Elite in 1985 on an Amstrad CPC464 and was blown away by it (I still am). I played the game on and off for years but never got to Elite rating (only Dangerous). I drifted away somewhat from the video game arena for a few years when I started working but I was taken aback when FE2 was released and still play both that and FFE occasionally today. I followed the rumors (sorry for the American spelling) of Elite 4 with such anticipation and was devastated when it seemed to disappear from sight making me truly believe there would never be another title in the franchise. I was trawling through a number of tech posts back around 2011/2012 when I heard rumblings that there was a new Elite based title in the works and I can't emphasize how excited I was, once the Kickstarter launched I had no choice but to throw down the money and hope for the best. I'll say at this point that throwing down the money was not done arbitrarily as I have never seen anything but exceptional work from Frontier and waited with anticipation for the Beta release. Once the game cam out in its first limited form I can say truthfully that i was not disappointed in any way and was completely blown away by the sheer beauty and vastness of the game. The continual improvement has been incredible and I will continue to dig deep into the Elite universe as long as it exists. See you out in the black Commanders... o7!
Ooooo good questions, i would have to say my fondest memory was when my cute little ship did a cute little poo, but it turns out that POO was an SRV!!!! WHAT! HOW COOL! we got up to all sorts of shenanigans doing the Ram Tah missions! Good times! :)

EDIT : Dont drink and forum! although i keep getting errors. i should have known! ;-)
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