Elite / Frontier Frontier: First Encounters - or: how I learned to stop worrying and shove the Mouse

You clearly forgot about the Trumble carcass jammed into your undercarriage - which has prevented you from raising your undercarriage for months...
I’ve had the local engineers in to have a look, and I think the Cobra’s got the all-clear 👍

In other crackin’ news, I’ve spotted my second Right on, Commander! in the wild:

As suspected, using the targeting computer immediately drops off the EFP message from the screen with a “target lost” message - so I’ve now taken to not using the targeting computer as much 😁

I think this is the first RoC I’ve had since reaching Dangerous, so I’ve plenty more to go!
Blimey! It’s taken a while and I thought I’d missed it - turns out my kill rate wasn’t as high as I thought it was 😅 Anyway, here’s the next one:
…which took nearly 6 months in-game and a fortnight in the real.
It didn’t help that I got my Military Drive shot out, again 😁 It was a bit of a trek to the nearest system with the required tech level, but I’m now fitted out, repaired, and ready for the Anarchies once more.

I’m getting intercepted by the occasional big stuff - the Imp Explorer usually turns up with a few escorts and about a gazillion missiles, but if you can get on their tail then they can’t outmanoeuvre the Cobra:

…and you can blast away to your heart’s content 😁

The news feeds continue to be wonderful, very much from the school of Douglas Adams. Why can’t we have Imperial characters like this anymore?

Also of note is the since-retconned Thargoid story - thanks to my endeavours in the FFE missions, it would seem Humanity and the Thargoids had a different timeline to the blessed one that leads to Elite Dangerous:

I guess this Variant CMDR had better keep an eye out for the TVA 😁
An interesting bit of Thargoid lore popped up in the latest newsfeeds - and possibly lets FFE Cmdr Arioch avoid a meeting with one of the Time Variance Authority’s deletion wands 😅 An “octo-wave” theory has been put forward that says the Thargoid species are actually 8 nomadic fleets, slowly rotating around the Galaxy:

This would explain why original 8-bit Elite Thargoids were aggressive, while FFE’s have a more peaceful bent - different fleets. ED’s aliens are the next wave passing through human space and are just in a bad mood compared to the previous lot 😁

Having had a quick look in the Codex, it looks like Universal Scientist et al have been labelled as “sensationalist media stories of the time” - which goes some way to explain the revised lore, to my eyes at least.

I wonder if any of the “locked” areas of ED’s Galaxy have owt to do with this? 🤔
I’ve always thought the collective name for Vipers was a “nest” - today I’m thinking of changing it to “a Naval Missile Swarm” of Vipers 😁

Whilst making a lucrative trade run to an Anarchy system I was intercepted by a pirate wing of four Vipers, and the swines decided to launch all their missiles 😅 Once the expanding clouds of debris had finally dissipated it was time to survey the damage…

I joined the 1% Club in January of 3251 - as of June 3256, I’m inaugurating the 0.5% Club 😅


I managed to make it to the nearest port - only one further interception by a pair of Saker III’s - and my scooped cargo (which included 3T of Gemstones) paid off the exasperated sounding Shipyard mechanic 😂

As before, the game took note of my damage and played appropriate FMV - no soldier in a vest offering to buy me a drink this time, instead this nice lady saying “Well done, we didn’t think you’d make it. Enjoy your stay.”

I’ve got my next Right On, Commander - slower than my last ones, but I did take a small vacation out to the Cemiess system to re-film a landing on the high(ish)-G world of Emerald:
Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CgDSaI2yUUQ

(The last time I’d filmed the “death bounce” landing, I’d not actually put my undercarriage down 😅 - so just to prove I’m not a totally numpty I went off to let gravity do its thing once again, but this time with wheels in the way. In a further test, an unshielded Cobra lost 41.3% hull when letting the autopilot do the landing. Good job, Otto!)

Anyway, here is my message:

…which I think puts me at just under a thousand kills away from Deadly 🙂
Are you playing the original version here? I've tried JJFFE, but it has a horrible whiney engine sound instead of the original which I can hear here. (Not that the original sounds are great of course)
Are you playing the original version here? I've tried JJFFE, but it has a horrible whiney engine sound instead of the original which I can hear here. (Not that the original sounds are great of course)
Aye, the original via DOSbox (MagicDOSbox on my Android tablet with Bluetooth mouse & controller) with a couple of hex edits: Earth is no longer a beigeworld and beam lasers are pointing out of the correct bit of my ship 😁
I’ve notched up my next RoC:

…about 7 months in-game since the last one, which is about the same as previous times on the trade route I’m currently plying. Although I could probably increase my kill rate by trekking down to my well-worn path around the Old Worlds, it gets to feeling a bit grindy after a while - my present stomping ground (roughly on the border between the Federation and Alliance) gives me some nice variety in docking ports and the chance to indulge my new side-mission: trying to spot all the different types of ships in the game, in the wild 😁

I know some vessels will probably only be available in shipyards, but (adjusts binocular strap around anorak hood) so far I’ve spotted a Wyvern:
…and a Griffin:

I’ll have to do some combat photography to capture a few of the wilder specimens, but it’ll probably take a while to catch’em all for my Spotter’s Guide (pages 86 to 129 in the First Encounters manual 😁).
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