Frontier: give the FSD to ALL players, regardless of whether they took part or not

You have - inadvertently I'm sure - penalised all those players that played by YOUR rules.

Many of them are now effectively worse off. Specifically:

1. Those that didn't bother to enter the CG as they knew they wouldn't have the time to reach the top 25%.
2. Those that entered but quit before 75% for the same reason.

If you are interested in being perceived to be fair (actually, just being fair!), and if you want to retain confidence, you should hand it out to everyone, and give the top 25% a paintjob or something, so at least their effort is rewarded.
No. I didn't take part in the CG. I honestly couldn't be bothered making endless trade runs for a class 5 FSD that isn't that much better than what I could get anyway.

I didn't take part, I don't deserve the FSD, so no,don't give it to anyone who didn't take part.
(yes I am being serious here)
Being top 10% in the AX CG and not having bothered with the hauling one, I agree. The 75% would not have affected my personal play - those interceptors would have died anyway and I could not have been bothered to haul. However, I can imagine that the statement of 25% cutoff did affect several commanders and deterred them from participating. Changing the rules a posteriori, the only fair option is to give it to everyone. It is between that or not changing the rules at all in my book.
And give us a free conda at Hutton too ! I think it's time
i agree

also make all ships and modules free and engineering accessible from any starport only costing few CR. All the time we spend to engineer ships we could be using to have better life quality with our families
Oh - and can I get a pony?
Talk about reductio ad absurdum
I didn't participate, I didn't earn it.
As someone who put up considerable effort to get into top25% on 2 accounts, i will settle for nothing less than a Cobra Mk4
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I never participated in the cg so im defo worse off for reasons that remain unclear.

Frontier can I get the module and redeem some of my victim points?
Actually I made the top 25% so have one already.

If you see a flaw in the logic, please spell it out and I'll accept it.
I was top 10% for trade and top 25% for combat and honestly at this point I feel like this is probably the most fair thing to do.

They have screwed up so much that this should just be made available to everyone at this point, while still providing some extra reward for the original top 25% people. Something that’s nice but not exclusive, like a paint job or something similar.

They should also learn a lesson from this and stop with the exclusive rewards. Sure, give out unique rewards, but make them available for others afterwards in some other ways. Make it difficult to get sure, but stop making things absolutely exclusive.
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