Frontier please add animations for boarding ships and have the ability to walk around in our cockpits.

Even if they had the ship hanger (where cargo etc is) and you walk up the steps into that hanger then blue circle into the cockpit, that would be fine with me. Ship cockpit stuff could be a feature later on. Hangers wouldn't all need to look drastically different (he says).
I doubt you'll get get walking in cockpits (at least anytime soon), but removing the blue circle of immersion destroying laziness and replacing it with clicking on an unfolding ladder or walking up some steps and clicking on a door for a 3 second animatic of entering the ship...
One afternoons work for an intern - probably.
Only problem I see is that the ship often lands at strange angles so the steps wouldn't touch the ground. I guess SC addresses this slight problem by forcing a manual landing?
If I am forced to climb a ladder up to the door on the back of my T7 every time I wanna get back in it, this is the speed I wanna be able to do it at or I'm gonna stroke out from boredom

PS, for the record I absolutely detest The Sims. Cooking, cleaning, sleeping, showering, buying and fitting furniture, renovating, having a job - I get enough of that in real life, and I don't want it anywhere near my game time and especially not in my space ships. The first hint of having to eat and drink to stay alive, and my pilot will die. Repeatedly.

Anyone suggesting Elite should have a cooking simulation or a working shower deserves to have pizza boxes stuffed in their air intakes.
Be like the Sontarans in Doctor Who - plug yourself in to an energy pipeline and just recharge while travelling. Who needs eating, let alone sleeping? Dull.
Like the title says, elite needs some form of ship interior, it's far from full ship interiors however, it's something that seems easier for Fdev to do, due to the cockpits being already modelled and most if not all have doors at the back of the cockpit, just make the blue circle teleport us to that door; then allow us to sit in the chair by an animation.

Little bit more work but I think it'll help with the backlash elite has taken as of late, have animations for boarding ships and SRVs, I felt like this was missing from odyssey and It's not full ship interiors but it's stepping stone to the real thing.
What you describe is what users wanted when thousands of players asked for space legs but, FDev had its own ideas so don't hold your breath. o7
i dont think it will ever happen cuz the on foot game play and in ship gameplay are rendered on different instances
Erm, what?

Last I checked I am seeing people dogfight above my head in Odyssey. Heck, I have shot down a couple plucky CMDR's ships from the ground.

Are you sure you are not thinking of the Horizons/Odyssey split? That is not what you think it is.
This video is so cringe it's reached unreal levels.

Please, stop.

Visions, plans, whatever... They change.

Promises? From a business? Sorry, but it is naive at best to put any faith into a promise from a business, especially when they are promising something that just doesn't exist yet.

It pays to not take everything so literally.

The video itself isn't cringe. What is cringe is those that believe it still has some relevance nearly ten years later and by posting it they somehow win an argument.
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