I doubt it applies to all but definitely a mistake, they have suspended carriers, game keeps logging off, so much going on, probably a broken pwa soon too, void opals ain't worth jack and musgravite is about its average so i wouldn't get to excited, fdev doesn't want anyone earning easy money so what ever it is, its not on purpose lol
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I know... Still no reason to come back to ED... To many broken things that I had in the original game...
Yeh they fixed the pwa now broke it with odessy, its sad because for some of us its a wonderful escape yet fdev screwed up again, i haven't been able to use my carrier for 2 days and badly need tritium, then charge my 25mil in weekly upkeep, the stories have been good and frequent but i have a feelinf this will be the next gta after it went online, a disaster..
Demand definitely needs reverting back to what it was, anyone who also uses Inara for upto date market info can see that! The first 10-20 stations in the list offering the best price for a commodity usually want less than 100 units (in a lot of cases less than 10!) so there's your most profitable trades while they last. Each subsequent trade (assuming they would have demand) will also lower the price a fair bit so if you're a carrier owner and have just say 2000 tons of one commodity to sell (4 trips in a large 500T cargo craft) There's hardly enough to sustain one commander let alone a growing galaxy of carrier owners trying to pay rent. When I saw the change in demand a week or two ago I honestly thought they'd realised and fixed a mistake! Fine I guess if you're a miner in a small craft, not so much if you're a carrier owner though :/
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