Parks Grindlheim - an immersive theme world inspired by Klugheim at Phantasialand

Very well done! Love what I'm seeing here.

I appreciate the small details like the thin wireframe additions to the ride entrances. Very detailed and inspirational!
Thanks Vindico!

Entrance Plaza & Restaurant
With today's long overdue update on Grindlheim, we return to the entrance plaza of the theme world and have a closer look at the buildings surrounding it. Especially at the cosy little restaurant called Schmausestube, the final building of the whole Grindlheim project.

>> Check out the blog post here <<

For today I also prepared a special picture I'd like to show you. It's a bird's eye view of the completed Grindlheim theme world with locations markers. Click on it to zoom in!


Grindlheim Released!
After 4 years, 900+ hours spent into the project and 100.000 placed objects, Grindlheim finally released. I spent the last few months since the completion of the park with creating a new soundtrack and producing the final showcase video. I also updated the Grindlheim website. There you can find all the information and links to the video, park and soundtrack in one place.

Showcase Video

Workshop Links
You can download the park file from the Steam Workshop via the link below. Please also download the custom music and media files because they are essential for the best immersive experience. I also updated the Grindlheim Collection, a collection of complete buildings and useful decorative objects from Grindlheim.

For Grindlheim, I composed and produced two original songs, an area and an onride track for the main coaster K'aros. Three additional tracks, adaptations of songs by the amazing Vindsvept, complete the soundtrack. All songs are licensed under CC BY 4.0 and can be adapted and shared in any medium or format free of charge! You can listen and download the songs from Soundcloud via the link below or download the full soundtrack from the Grindlheim website as an MP3 ZIP file. Source:

Thanks to everybody who followed and commented on the project over the last two years!
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