Parks Grindlheim - an immersive theme world inspired by Klugheim at Phantasialand

Welcome to theme world of Grindlheim

Today I'd like to present you my next big project after VOLT, which I released last year.
This is Grindlheim, an immersive theme world inspired by Klugheim at Phantasialand.
Like Klugheim, Grindlheim has two rollercoasters: K'aros, a fast multi launch coaster and Ri'kh, a family coaster.
I started this project back in 2016 and already spent 400 - 500 hours in Planet Coaster
building Grindlheim and I finally have enough in stock to show you the first images.

To do this I have created my own website for the project.
There you can find images and a project blog which I will update regulary.

>> Check out the Grindlheim website and blog <<

Nevertheless I will still post all updates here as well.
But now, I'd like to show you some images of Grindlheim so you can get a first idea of what I'm building:

These are a few preview images. There are more on the Grindlheim website as well as more information on the coasters.


I will regulary update the blog on my site and post new images and information over there.

>> Check out the first blog post here <<

I thought it's a good idea to include the first blog post here as well, so I put it in quotation marks below.
I will always let you know about new updates on the blog over here as well but I' not sure if I should post them here. It's also a lot of work.
What do you think? Is a link to the blog post enough? Let me know!

And let me know what you think of my creations.

Welcome to the Grindlheim Blog
Update #1 - 03/17/2019

Welcome to the Grindlheim Blog, dear Planet Coaster friends and enthusiasts. I'm pleased you found your way onto this site and my project blog. This is the very first post here, so please stick around and let me explain to you what Grindlheim is, what I'm building here and what is planned.

At first I'd like to introduce you the project: Grindlheim is an immersive Planet Coaster theme world that I started building at the end of 2016. At that time I visited the amazing Klugheim at Phantasialand in Germany and since then I wanted to create something similar within Planet Coaster which was just released at that time. But during the second half of 2017 and till summer 2018 I spent most of the time in Planet Coaster with building VOLT, a launch coaster inspired by HELIX at Liseberg.

But since then I was back dedicating all my Planet Coaster time on Grindlheim. If I have to guess I'd say I already spent 400 - 500 hours into this project and I'm not close to finishing. But I have enough in stock now to finally show you what I'm working on. Like Klugheim, Grindlheim has two rollercoasters: K'aros, a fast multi launch coaster and Ri'kh, a family coaster. You can check out their dedicated pages on this site for some more information, stats and a few images. But there are many more details, information and images to come in the future.

I created this blog to beautifully present the project in an organized and chronological order. Nevertheless I will still post every update on Reddit, or on the Planet Coaster Forums so you can comment and discuss the progress or suggest improvements. Every blog post will consist of text and a gallery below. Some images will have descriptions that you can toggle on and off with the eye-symbol in the gallery controls.

That's it for now. Please check out the images below and come back for the next update.
Zarroc91 / Dravarol

This is a bird's-eye view of Grindlheim in its current state. As you can see, I haven't started on the most complicated theming job, the entwined track of K'aros on the left. The east side of Grindlheim is mostly finished.

Here you can see where the stations and entrances of K'aros and Ri'kh are located within Grindlheim. Guests will enter the theme world at the bottom of the image at K'aros' entrance.

An image of K'aros and the logo I designed for the coaster.

The middle of the image shows the station and brake run of K'aros. I will show the complete station in a later update.

This is the entrance of K'aros' queue line. Of course the complete queue is heavily themed. I will show it in a later update.

The same building from a different angle.

This is the family coaster Ri'kh. Inspired by how Klugheim at Phantasialand was designed, most of Ri'kh's track lies below normal ground level. What do you think of the logo? Leave a comment on Reddit or the Planet Coaster Forums (links at the top)!
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This is truly amazing. You've picked another gorgeous coaster as inspiration. I absolutely loved VOLT but this is on another level. Every pic is stuffed to the brim with detail and interest. The first shot is stunning and I love that transition into that sweeping drop. It looks like it would be an absolute blast to ride.


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Amazing work! This definitely makes me think of the Klugheim area in Phantasialand! :D [up]
Thank you so much for youre very nice comments so far. I'm glad you like my creation.

The Queue Line of K'aros
It's time for an update and today I want to show you the complete finished queue line of K'aros.
For this update I'd like to point you to my Grindlheim blog.

>> Check out the blog post here <<

Again, for now I also put this post in a quotation block below. But please don't let that stop you to check out the blog.

The Queue Line of K'aros
Update #2 - 04/07/2019
Welcome back to the second post here on the Grindlheim blog.
Today I want to show you the complete queue line of K'aros.

For heavily themed coasters like K'aros, standing in line for the ride is an integral part of the experience. Usually more time is spent in the queue than on the ride itself. Therefore an interesting queue layout and good theming are important to built up excitement for the ride.

Like at Klugheim at Phantasialand, I decided to not integrate pre-shows into my queues but try to make them interesting by layout, architecture, theming and music. While I'm currently making good progress on the queue for Ri'kh, K'aros' queue line is already finished and ready to be shown to you. As you might understand after viewing the 14 images I brought along for today, building K'aros' queue and theming it was not an easy task because most of it is hidden inside multi-story buildings. Furthermore, elevated sections cross the coasters K'aros and Ri'kh several times. I was struggling especially with theming curved stairs which I'm trying to avoid from now on.

Without further ado, please view the gallery below for a complete tour of the queue line of K'aros.

You may know these buildings from the last blog post. This is the main plaza where the queue line of K'aros begins.

The center of the first room that guests enter is themed with a huge machine that powers the launches of the coaster.

Moving parts like cogs and pistons and timed steam effects are part of this structure.

After the machien room the queue takes a 180° turn. This is located inside the tower-like building on the left of picture \#1.

Guests can take a last look onto the plaza before the queue leads further down inside the building.

The open windows of the following passage reveal the coaster and its large station building for the first time. K'aros' first launch is directly located above this section.

The passage is also parallel to the second launch of K'aros so that guests have an incredible view of the coaster rushing by. Next, the queue crosses over the launch via the little roofed bridge that can be seen on the left.

Following the bridge, crossing over K'aros and Ri'kh, guests then enter the basement of the station building...

...which is home to the only small 'cattle pen' like line on K'aros' queue. The boarding station is located directly above this room.

Up next, the queue leaves the basement and hugs the outside wall of the station. The path leads up the stairs on the left.

The stairs curve to right following the station's wall up to the highest point of the queue while crossing K'aros again below and above.

Missing out on K'aros means missing out on incredible views of Grindlheim that can only be enjoyed from the queue line. We are close the end now.

One last turn right and a few steps done and we finally enter the station.

Marked in orange on this bird's eye view is the complete queue line. Most of it is hidden inside buildings and deeply integrated into the overall theming.
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