Help me out on learning about xeno hunting/interactions?

I apologise in advance for any ignorance. Is there a guide to Thargoid hunting? Or ways I can interact with Thargoids and earn credits at the same time? I mean the ship types and such, weapons I need, the things I need to do in order to hunt Thargoids?

Its been an end goal of mine to do so. But because Ive just flat out ignored anything to do with Thargoids, I know nothing about them, Ive seen a few and been attacked before, but that was with my meagre heavily engineered ships. I also know even less about Guardian tech [blah]

Anyone give me a starting point?

Thanks in advance

Edit: I use a FDL and Anaconda
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I've watched a few of the youtube streams showing/talking about Thargoid combat. Apart from appearing seriously hard as a solo player (with pathetic combat skills) there doesn't appear to be a 'meta' build by concensus among the streamers.
I'm planning to join in late next week and to 'have a go' but reckon that my budgeted 10 rebuys will happen altogether too quickly :)
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