1. Mrrshal

    Thargoids increasing activity on ''Unknown structure'' sites? Restoring Motherships?

    I was prompted by Commander @Xenia_K forum post ( ) to investigate known system HIP 17862 with Thargoid crash site HIP 17862 6c, because Commander discovered presence of another Thargoid site on HIP 17862 11e. Mapping planet revealed...
  2. Bionic Bytes

    It's been a exactly why did FDev pull the plug on Thargoids?

    I thought it was so they could add drama by enhancing the narrative and announcing all out war after a short pause. Clearly I was wrong about that. Thoughts?
  3. Wes_7569

    Guardian upgrades and ship

    enough of their technology is left behind, studied and adapted for humans to outfit it onto their ships and make attack fighters. I think more than enough time has passed for their technology to have engineers able to upgrade them and to make Guardian ships. At least medium siz
  4. Vandal_Stormovik

    [INDEPENDENT] The age of men is over, the time of the Far God has come!

    Repent of your sins, and join the Pleiades Concordat today! Click here for our Inara site Click here for our website
  5. Jaggedmallard

    Operation Ida Needs YOU to save the Pleiades and Witch Head

    As many of you are no doubt aware last week the Pleaides and Witch Nebula were struck by another wave of Thargoid strikes. Thanks to the valiant efforts of the AX Community, these attacks have been repulsed but on Thursday morning the important job of bringing this starports back online begins...
  6. Old Duck

    The Thargoids Are Back!

    Is this a bug or THE bugs?
  7. Evoflash

    Thargoid Supermarket Merger?

    I just completed my online shop at a well known supermarket and found out where the Thargoids have gone.....
  8. F

    PvP Ironblood AXe

    Today on MEGA is the META: Prinz Eugen and the Farsight EnclaveS come under attack from a Formal dEclaration of war from the "combat pilots" of AXIN. Details of the formal declaration can be listened to at here: Source: Who will come out on top? Prinz...
  9. K

    Vox Universum Seeking Pilots of Any Play Style to move from homely group to galactic power house!

    Vox Universum is a brand new and small squadron and player faction that is seeking pilots to help us grow! We accept all play styles and have a very laid back outlook on gameplay. Can't be on all the time? Fantastic, Vox Universum is for you! Love to play for hours on end in search of the...
  10. deathmagnet

    Comet, Thargoid, Guardian or something else entirely? What did I witness?

    So. I was out doing Ram Tah missions and I thought I saw something. Played back what the sensors recorded and it definitely caught something. Not on radar but visually, something was there. Source:
  11. The-DemonWolf

    Community Event / Creation Spooky Space Spectacular

    Spooky Space Spectacular Date: October the 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th Launch Time: UTC (in-game time) 27th,28th,29th,30th Launch Time:19:00 27th Starting System: Hell port, Asase Ya System 28th Starting System: Generation Ship Thetis, Nefertem 29th Starting System: Generation Ship Epimetheus, HR...
  12. [VR]HaywirePhoenix

    Sustainable Barnacle Harvesting: Call to Action

    This is a call to action to all Meta Alloy enthusiasts. Please only harvest ripe pods. They are the only ones that drop Meta Alloys. Not only will this save you time, but it may very well contribute to the preservation of this versatile and increasingly sparse resource. This mindless destruction...
  13. G

    Ship Launched Fighter Bug

    I've had this problem for well over a year now where my fighter ignores the "attack target" command when I'm targetting a thargon swarm. He will stay in the "Defend" command but still won't react to the thargon swarm damaging him, he just refuses to get into any combat with the swarm at all. If...
  14. JT442

    The Elite Dangerous Storyline

    The Children of Raxxla would like to share with you an analysis of the very complicated storyline. We have uncovered the extent of the corruption brought about by the corporations, and expanded on a popular Thargoid theory. We touch upon Raxxla, The Dark Wheel, The Club... everything is linked...
  15. Daniel Klimchuk

    If Guardians were alive, would they be for or against humans?

    Greetings Commanders! ;) After going to one of the Guardian Structures for blueprints, a thought came into my mind: If Guardians were alive, would they be hostile towards us like Thargoids, or could we possibly become allies and fight the Thargoids together? What do you think?
  16. RELSPI

    The Guardians Are Dumb And Probably Weren't Very Attractive

    What do we know about the Guardians? We know they built dumb structures covered in triangles. Who else does that? That's right - people who build playing card houses out of cards that have been cut in half. And that's stupid and crazy. There's more. Guardians are so dumb they picked a fight with...
  17. JoeDavidson456

    ED and ETs

    Hi, So we've got the Thargoids, currently attacking humans. 1) Where are the peaceful, friendly ETs in ED? 2) Perhaps the Thargoid story line can evolve to an end to the war... how about adding gameplay to work towards peace? A diplomatic effort of some kind, for example? A learning of each...
  18. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    AX Ammunition Synthesis for Standard Weapons

    Just an idea I had to allow for Thargoids to be a bit less optional. The problem with the Thargoids, is that they require dedicated weapons to take down (except scouts), which means that CMDRs who don't have any of that currently equipped, stand zero chance of anything except escape, so you...
  19. A

    I was wondering: does anyone else think that Thargoid surface site looks like giant thargoid ships?

    Hello,all: When I went to the site in HIP 16753, I zoomed out in free camera mode and the whole base looked like a giant ship buried in the ground. What are everyone(s) thoughts as to what the surface bases might be/ or what they might be used for? Thanks, A logical argument
  20. CMDR Zayn Till

    Operation IDA - Chapter 2 (OP-IDA Needs You!)

    Operation IDA: All Star-Port Repairs in The Pleiades are Complete. As of this morning, Copernicus Observatory in Asterope is back online after being repaired this past Monday. This means that repairs to ALL stations attacked in The Pleiades are now complete. The Totals: 17 stations including 3...
  21. Wayward Goat

    Help me out on learning about xeno hunting/interactions?

    I apologise in advance for any ignorance. Is there a guide to Thargoid hunting? Or ways I can interact with Thargoids and earn credits at the same time? I mean the ship types and such, weapons I need, the things I need to do in order to hunt Thargoids? Its been an end goal of mine to do so...
  22. A

    Request for Thargoid/Guardian materials to be tradable at material traders.

    Since there’s currently very little use for these materials beyond unlocking tech broker modules and restocking specialty weapons, I think it would be very good to be able to exchange them for more useful materials. If possible (within the game’s programming, I mean), you could make exchanges...
  23. TheOriginalB

    Eagle Eye: Reflect Change in Infestation Status

    This is based on Redden Alt-Mer's excellent post in a bug report thread, in which we discovered that the "Infested" status, which we could see for a while after 3.3 was released, was removed, and can be viewed here...
  24. M

    Thargoids should appear with a notice in local mission board, like CG´s now galaxy wide, for defence

    Thargoid attacks against stations and other installations sould be predicted beforehand "through new top secret technological advances", and be spotted say 7-14 days before they start/finish allowing to organize defending better against them. Could be just locally on top of a mission board like...
  25. Bionic Bytes

    Where are all the Thargoids?

    I wanted a bit of scout action for me and my npc, as I have done before.... I searched the gal maps for an incursion sate system and as of today there are 2 of them (south of the bubble). I jumped to one of them, FSS scanned the system - not a single NHSS. From previous recollection...
  26. EWanderer

    My Future Thargoid Fantasy

    So this is kinda not like me. I usally try to make suggestions, that kinda fit with the current Game Design, but I got carried away yesterday thinking about current Events ingame around Thargoids and a few Ideas and now I have to share them, just for funsies. I don't expect FDev to pick up even...
  27. Vandal_Stormovik

    Join the Far God and survive the apocalypse (Pleiades Concordat recruiting)

    We are the vengeance of the Far God! We are your salvation! We are the allies of the Thargoids! We are the 5th Column! We are your faction! Join in the holy crusade of the Far God today! Join the Pleiades Concordat! Check out our Inara site! Or check out our Web site! Blessings of the...
  28. M

    Thargoids attack even at opposite end of the human "bubble" now!

    Brave unarmed explorer CMDR Pirjo Suoyrjö encountered agricultural Megaship distress signal that had just been attacked by the Thargoids, reported no enemy activity in scanners and set out to investigate damage done. She reported that besides heavy structural damage there were some kind of...

    Why should anyone be fighting Thargoids?

    Now, before you scream at me, the title is a rhetorical question, but i want to start a discussion, a pretty important one i think. So let's be real... for one of the most dangerous activities in the game other than PVP, we're really not being rewarded anything for resisting the Thargoids. I...
  30. I

    add a number next to thargoid barnicles.

    when you surface scan a planet that has biological or geological phenomena ,the locations are numbered, but thargoid barnacles are not. making it difficult to discern where you have and have not gone to. "but why not just session hop"you may ask. well i happen to like flying to different locations.
  31. G

    Besieged Bubble?

    I just returned from a 6 month expedition and was surprised to find life in the bubble going on as normal while it is supposed to be under attack by a superior alien race!. Shouldn't there be some sign of this like military blockades and galnet warnings.? Its the worse defence attempt in history.

    Almost 2019, thargoids are still not worth anything.

    If you look at it in comparison to pretty much every activity in Elite, from doing exploration, general mission running, hauling cargo, mining, combat.... if you then look at in terms of how much materials/data you can get, and how much credits you can get, all of them have at least something...

    Anti-Xeno combat is still totally busted.

    So, now that the bubble has been attacked for the first time since the release of the new conflict zones, i thought i would go and check out the new conflict zones in a well modified Krait 2 with guardian weapons and... i was disappointed again, met with a very unbalanced and pretty much...
  34. Rexoplex

    Ideas to Buff/Much Further Implement Powerplay

    1. Allow Empire and Federation associated powerplay activities to contribute to the Empire or Federation rank grinds for ship access. 2. DRASTICALLY increase merit gain from all sources (and add more sources) so that the merit grind for rating 5 is actually even remotely worth it for every...
  35. V

    Thargoids in BGS May Break Game

    My main concern around Thargoids being added to the bgs revolves around Frontiers favorite thing to nerf: credits. My anti-xeno anaconda cost upwards of 550 million credits. That was just the cost of the ship. I then had to engineer it to grade 5 from thrusters to hull to get it be survivable...

    4 AX gun limit is unnecessary

    Thargoid fights are HARD, really hard. After doing a bunch of engineering and grinding for Guardian stuff to make their special guns, i hauled my Krait over to the Pleiades and looked for the right signal sources for a cyclops. After several failures, I actually finally managed to kill one and...
  37. Camisade

    The "Quality of Life" Adjustment That's Not Even on the Roadmap, even as Thargoids Loom Larger

    The "Quality of Life" Adjustment That's Not Even on the Roadmap, even as Thargoids Loom Larger TL;DR: Having now seen some of the coming AX Conflict Zones, the implementation of these sites annoys me even more than the already exasperating Thargoid implementation. And what the evolution of this...
  38. ZARC3

    Attacked Station Trade Ranking

    Hello, I have a simple question. Is rescuing passengers from attack stations by Thargoids an efficient way to increase my Trade Rank? I just reached Tycoon rank a couple days ago, and the last hour I've been stacking rescue passenger missions in my new Type 9 but arn't seeing the bar increase.
  39. Cyclinguy

    New Mission Types for use in the new Thargoid incursion system states

    I've come up with some ideas for missions which would allow the less combative commanders to contribute to kicking the Thargoids out of a system suffering from incursion. I originally posted a version of this in the Thargoid incursion zone announcement thread, but decided since these were...
  40. Yamiks

    [video] 5 THARGOID places to visit
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