Patch Notes Update Horizons (2.0) and Ships (1.5) change log

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Dear Frontier I've registered here because it seems you ignore all other boards.
You added new "board" missions, some of them are total and not even worth to look at like these "wait 5-10 minutes".
Now these awful missions are picked from the same pool randomly with a pattern that unknown to us and maybe its random.random script too. So these terribur missions are messing quantity of good ones. I've seen this before in another space mmo that starting with E too.

Let us pick missions we like and fix relogging instead of F5 button function.
I doubt you'll get a reply in this thread, you'll want to post in the ED discussion forum section I guess.
Btw, I don't see why ED would look at other forums, do other game makers??
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Thanks so much for all the hard work and awesome updates, things are looking great for this game. Would it be possible to separate the XB1 and PC updates each to their own thread? The console ones are a little difficult to find in there if it is the only system one plays on., SMAA still isn't fixed?

I had to supersample the game to compensate, which now requires SLI to get 60FPS solid, which means I can't run borderless anymore and have things like EDDN up.

Even then it still doesn't get rid of all the jaggies.
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AA has always been a problem with the Cobra-engine. Don't know why but I'm pretty sure the devs are scratching their heads, or flipping the table. Take your pick. :p
I so hope FD would still release some small patch before christmas. I guess we all have little child living inside us :)
Inertial camera simulation :

Now update is complete I have partial answer : 1.5 + HT = still here.
Please, could anyone who has bought and installed Horizon tell me if inertial cam simulation is removed with head tracking ?

Getting no answer from any forum (english and french) nor ticket I created, I assumed inertial camera is active with head tracking in Horizon and uninstalled the game.

Well now... Question, what happened to the bonuses of bh from arissa and hudson? I mean, are they still doubled on conflict systems? Controlled systems?
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