How I would like to play ...

Today i am going to Shinrarta. Rumors told me so.
Telling the course to my ship using the galay map, and engaging engines.
On my trip, which will probably take some more minutes, I will do something usefull.
I got my mobile, connected to the ship, telling me whats going on.

Was busy, when something went wrong, at least a not so pleasent sound came from my mobile app and disturbed me.
Red flashing text disrupting me even more.

But yeah, just a small overheating while scooping. Pressing some buttons on my mobile to get rid of that heat, mhm, this could get a relaxed trip.

And of course, some harsh attempt to pull me out of hyperspace let me go back to my stick and tablet controls.
But then, to find some enyoing cockpit view with a beautiful colored tunnel, and I, just fyling through it.

Not afraid about that interdiction. Nevertheless the situation attracted my attention.
Some other spaceship pilot might be angry on me, or needs some help, or whatever.

So, while I was falling out off hyperspace, I watched with some curiosity what might happen now.
Mhm, he wanted to contact me...
Pressing that green button on my mobile to talk to him from ship to ship I heard a calm and friendly voice...
Greetings Commander. He said... and that was the begining of a really great story...
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