How to improve the Wings system...

So I'm at the CG station in Anima.
I have my trade Cutter and two PVP specced ships.
I asked the other commanders if anyone would like fighter escort or trade support (wing trade bonus is still a thing?). The answers all came back NO. (Polite but still a no)
Now while we can multicrew and fly fighters there's no in game way beyond text chat to organise a wing.

Where's the drop down menu to say 'looking for wing' Activity: Community Goal?
This would enable the likes of me who wants to support other players and get into the odd bit of combat a means of making a bit of money and having a bit of fun that doesn't involve the mission board.
The other thing that needs added to this is a means to pay the player providing support. Wing trade bonus is meagre as I recall. So in much the same way we pay NPC crew a sign on amount based on combat rank an initial payment could be made to the support player. (So no easy credit transfers between commanders). Extra cash for the support CMDR would be made up from bounties and slight buff to the wing trade bonus. So in effect beyond say 500k initial payment for an Elite combat ranked ship (with some scaling based on the rebuy of the support player ship perhaps) there would be no transfer of credits CMDR to CMDR, the game would pay the credits.

I appreciate that this is just a spit balled idea and would need fleshed out what does everyone reckon?

Is such functionality arriving with Squadrons?
Cheers fella!
I'm guessing by the number of responses by now it's not gonna be overly popular.
People seem to want parallel play as opposed to play with others.
In a lot of cases in game and on the forum.
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