Parks I built a Sci Fi city

Dammmmn nice stuff there! Maybe you wanna check my Times Square, maybe this is your city just centuries before :-D Great work!
Amazing! Great work. So many creative and talented people on this board.

It astounded me everytime, what is possible with just a "few" building elements.
Well I finally got it to load! It took 10 min, but it finally revealed its full throttled grandeur to me and man is it FANTASTIC!

POV video rendering now at a delightful 60fps! Hope to have it uploaded after I wake up about 6 hours from now.

What a crazy,fun, and insanley gorgeous good ride.

I seriously don't know if anyone can top this creation. Sooooo Gooood!

Brillian brilliant stuff.

Like I mentioned in my sir are a Coaster Creating Savant! [woah]


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Awesome work. Your Coaster POV video even got a shout out by the big man himself:

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I guarantee you that video just sold 1000 copies of the game minimum. Again great job man. I'm sure you had a lot of fun building it.
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