Icarus: A Thargoid Encounter

(Sorry about the huge images, new to the whole forum thing)

Sooo I had a fun night.

Decided to try and head into the Aries Dark Region. There are no stars there so there was nowhere to jump inside, obviously, but it's kind of a physical point on the Gal map so I figured what the hell, lets plot a course through the center, watch some Netflix and push through, make some progress over the next few days. See what's out there. (If there was anything at all.)

So I'm just a little bit of a pansy, never encountered a Thargoid before. So when I discovered several signal sources on the way, well I was curious.

Picked up some sensor fragments. Pretty pleased about that, even if I have no clue what they are or how to use them.

Found one last signal source, and there it was. Had no weapons on board so it scanned me and screwed off to pick through the ship it had tore open. Looks like another Commander a quarter of a Lightyear out of that system.

Weellll I just couldn't leave well enough alone I guess. Flew too close to the sun.
Tore my ship into pieces. I tried to get away but the mass lock was ridiculously high so I lose all my exploration data and so I'm a little upset about that. But it's my own fault.
Still, had one hell of an adventure. I still think something is out there. Something. Didn't get far enough to know for sure.
Fly safe Commanders. Be smarter than I was.

CMDR Alexander Kace. o7
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