Roller Coasters ImagineerTim's Dwemer Coaster [Multi Launch Coaster]

Looks nice, i wish i could do more golden assets, but the 3DS max TMTK bug is preventing me from doing so, otherwise i would have asked if you need any custom shapes.
Sieht gut aus, wünschte ich könnte momentan mehr Gold-assets bauen, aber wegen der TMTK bugs funktioniert das leider nicht ganz so wie ich mir das vorstelle, sonst hätte ich gefragt ob Du noch irgendwelche custom Sachen brauchst.

I can still build stuff, but the reflections are mirrored. If you can live with that, let me know if you need something specific
Kann gerne was zusammenbasteln, die reflektionen sind im TMTK seit Dezember allerding verdreht, warum auch immer.
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Really nice and it is fun to look at.

But is the Zentih an all ages coaster? Maybe something changed i have not noticed yet.
Yeah. It depends on how the coaster layout and the theming is designed.
The coaster is not to extreme and the focus is not only on thrill. No inversions and the great heights are hidden by rockwork.
Its more thrilling than e.g. Seven Dwarves Mine Train but less thrilling than TARON. I hope you understand my point...
But it seems the Zenith is not like the F25. I build one with close states like in my park and all ages will not go on.
So i press my fingers for 1.12 that this will change.
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