General Gameplay Immersive Sorting for Research Fossil Screen

Of course I want to know what dinosaurs and what DLC I've bought. But I can see that on Steam already. I know what content I have and I know what I have bought. Yet in the game while building our parks we also see the dinosaurs divided by their DLC, which isn't very immersive. This kinda takes me out of the game as it references real world DLC and not what is logical within the game world. Which piece of content is bought separately is also really not relevant within the game, as at that point I just want to play and be immersed.

So what I would like to see is these dinosaur research icons be sorted in a more immersive and useful way. For example: sorting them by the categories we already have would be much better. They would then be sorted by Small Herbivores, Medium Herbivores, Armored, Giant Herbivores, Small Carnivores and Large Carnivores. This would not only be more immersive and remove the kinda annoying reference to DLC ingame, but it would also serve a function in gameplay. Lets say you're making a park full of only carnivorous dinosaurs, in that case it would be very nice to have all the carnivore icons visually grouped together so you can instantly see which dinosaurs you need/want. This would be a much more relevant classification in game because what DLC a dinosaur came in has very little relevance in the research screen.

A different sorting could be sorting by family. So all Hadrosaurs would be grouped together, all Theropods would be grouped together, all Sauropods would be grouped together and so on. This would not have a big gameplay benefit but it would be nice to see all the dinosaurs of the same family together. And it would give a better overview of the type of dinosaurs that are available for research.

Another option would be to sort the dinosaurs according to their geological age. Triassic, Early Jurassic, Late Jurassic, Early Cretaceous and Late Cretaceous. Like sorting by family this wouldn't have a big impact on gameplay, but it would be educational as the players can more easily see which age the different dinosaurs came from. It would also be useful for if the player wants to make an all Jurassic park, or an all Cretaceous park. The only big downside with this sorting is that we only have one Triassic dinosaur (Herrerasaurus) at the moment, so it might be a little weird to have a single dinosaur in it's own category.

So instead of this screenshot where we see the different DLCs that aren't relevant in game, we would see groups like Carnivores and Herbivores or alternatively Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous groupings.

Sorted by herbivore and carnivore types it would possibly look something like this. Much easier to find all the small carnivores for your park without needing to look through everything.
With so many species ingame already and (likely) more to come, this is becoming a more and more pressing need. But I would like it implemented more like a philter system, in order to hide those we don't need at the moment.
I don't know if this is really needed, I think keeping each category small is probably the way to go, which will eventually not be the case for either proposed classifications.
With the current one there is at least the potential to have mostly small groups permanently (though if big DLCs like Dr. Wu just go onto the normal fossil access again there are going to be problems).
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