1. A

    Non-full widescreen interface.

    Non-full widescreen interface. Please help, bought all DLC for Jurassic and my interface has broken, it's look like ugly bars for 16:9 resolution. On 3th screenshot you can see that interface looks normal on one sec after ESC.
  2. Meneer_vandaal

    Discussion Consistency (and ease) of interface

    Do you recall that "Nuke/Nurse" button in the Spitting Image clip of Genesis' "Land of confusion"? Why is in your ship moving your joystick or pushing a button almost completely unlike in your SRV or in free camera? Does any of the developers own a motorcycle that turns left when you move the...
  3. MellowTurtle

    More Efficient Interface for Managing Multiple Animals Based on Genetics

    In Jurassic World Evolution, you could toggle back and forth between individual dinosaurs of the same species within the same enclosure and the camera would pan to them and show the info panel for each one. I'm struggling a bit to manage a large exhibit with many African herbivores. I'm finding...
  4. LordTrilobite

    General Gameplay Immersive Sorting for Research Fossil Screen

    Of course I want to know what dinosaurs and what DLC I've bought. But I can see that on Steam already. I know what content I have and I know what I have bought. Yet in the game while building our parks we also see the dinosaurs divided by their DLC, which isn't very immersive. This kinda takes...
  5. RadicalEdward2

    Feedback: Weather Probability Settings and Pause Menu Overhaul

    While I wait for Evolution to become playable again (the 1.4 update broke the game's UI on PC), I thought I'd offer my two cents on how post-mission island settings could be improved in comparison to how they were based on what I saw when I launched 1.4. Right now (for some unknown reason), the...
  6. Y

    3.2 Patch Feedback - Transport Missions

    The 3.2 patch has introduced a change to the way that basic transportation missions operate. Instead of selecting a mission and having the station computer automatically load cargo to your ship, it is now necessary, once you have accepted the delivery contract, to manually select and load the...
  7. Thebadmf

    Please fix how information is presented in the transactions tab.

    I've finally spent some time running VIP missions and I have to say the presentation on information needs some work. Time left is not shown for VIP missions in the main transactions view; is this a bug? When we click through to the mission details, we have information in the wrong order...
  8. N

    Game interface problem on resolution 5760х1200

    Hello averyone! I have nvidia 1080 gtx, three 24 inch monitors and I play on resolution 5760х1200 pixels with 3D Surround technology. I have a problem with the interface in the game. Look at the pictures. or...
  9. starfer


    This might sound like a rant but it's not at all, i want to give a constructive criticism but i'm not going to be soft, i don't know if this is a common topic but here we go: The GUI, every single ship has the same GUI design and color, from a cheap ugly brick-like adder to an amazing...
  10. starfer


    Hello, i've been playing this game for a while and, even tho i'm enjoying it so much i find something that disgusts me and it ruins my immersive experience. I don't know if this is a common topic but here we go.. This might sound like a rant but it's not at all, i want to give a constructive...
  11. raptorflight

    Change the Color of the Interface!

    Hello [wacky] I would like the developers to work on the possibility of changing the colors of the interface of the ship and stations if possible? What for ? I am one of the Elite players who have vision problems, because I have a lot of trouble distinguished my interface (it is too orange...
  12. P

    Some newbie suggestions.

    Hello there. I'm playing PC version of ED for not so long and i have some suggestions. Maybe someone already suggested them, but i didnt find any similar in the search. If so, then i apologise. 1. It would be good if we can access our "Galaxy" bookmarks (stations, planets, systems) via "Target...
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