INARA can now be linked with console

What the Frontier data import does?
It will fetch your commander data from the official Frontier companion API (cAPI) and updates your credits, ranks, fleet and ship loadout. But, there are some limitations, please see the FAQ below.

Q : Can it be used by console players?
A : Yes, absolutely! That's the main reason why this import is here, to allow console commanders easily import their data without entering all the stuff manually.

Q : Why it does update just credits, ranks and ships?
A : Inara is importing everything possible, but there is no more data (like materials, actual missions, engineers status, etc.) available in the cAPI.

Q : Why is a ship loadout imported just for the actual ship?
A : It's another limitation of cAPI. Please switch your ships and make individual updates while using each of them.

Q : My overall assets value is off. What's wrong?
A : cAPI doesn't contain an exact value of your overall assets, so Inara must calculate it by all your assets. Typically, the difference may be caused by a value of the modules stored (so you may need to enter them manually when necessary).
How do you select which account you want linked? I keep getting my ALT account linked which I rarely ever use, instead of my main account linked
How do you select which account you want linked? I keep getting my ALT account linked which I rarely ever use, instead of my main account linked
Consoles login using the Console service ID password and email... and verify the account... via xbox live..
Sign out of live in PC web browser... Sign back into live with the correct email and password... don't use auto fill on the microsoft live login page...
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Works like a charm!!
Very nice this, now I don't have to do all this stuff manually, I realy neglected my Inara account because of all the numbers to fill in.

Inara is a top one site, respect for those responsible!!
Linked my account with no issues whatsoever- now we just need Frontier to open up the API a little bit more so EDSM and INARA can import materials, engineers, etc.

Getting closer every day.....

Thanks to all who made this happen!
Linked my Xbox account and imported my data, all seems good except it has me pledged to Denton Patreaus and I'm not and haven't been for quite some time.

I manually edited that out and did another import, now it has my Alliance and Federation stats reversed

Credits and fleet seem ok
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I had honestly forgotten how important these tools are... being on PC and taking for granted the real time transfer of data via ED market connector to Inara and EDSM.

Kudos to the guys that made this happen for Xbox and PS4.
Two clicks, done. Brilliant start to the year, what with EDSM and now Inara.. and they will only get better in time.
This is pretty cool, indeed. [up] It can also be done from my mobile, whereas EDSM currently cannot.

Fingers crossed that Frontier open up the access a bit more in the future to allow engineers, materials, reputations et all.

Many thanks to all involved in making it so. Here, have a medal.
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