INRA Base Discoveries

During Frontier Expo 2017, a teaser was broadcasted. It shows what will happend ingame during the next weeks regarding the narrative Frontier began with 2.4 around the Thargoids return.

This short video showed us some elements that went unnoticed until then, except for observers attentive to everything related to the Lore.
You can see two tanks with the inscription INRA on it, as well as a yellow logo resembling the biohazard logo that we all know.


And also what seems to be the entrance of an abandoned outpost, bearing the same inscription.


On Saturday the 7th of October, in the evening, right after this live broadcast, we decided to start organizing research.
Two groups are currently involved in this research.
These are Wing Atlantis and OSIRIS.
These two groups are francophone groups.
The first was created a few months ago by me. The second is a group that has also existed for several months, created by Alex Ringess and Yuksarr, but whose existence was hitherto kept secret for security reasons.
We began our research by digging the old Lore, as Salomé and Rebecca had suggested.

Feel free to indicate in comments below your reflections, indices discovered, etc.

The more we will conduct these researches, the faster we shall find.
Making this discovery seems to have some importance in more ways than one, the most immediate being that if both reservoirs still contain traces of the mycoid virus, then this could be useful to humanity to defend themselves from the threat of the new thargoids who comes and that video also unveiled.

What we know

In the last missions that were proposed in Frontier: First Encounters (Silver Quest), it was about New Rossyth, supposed to be located near Alioth or Alioth. There is little chance that we find New Rossyth ingame today, however, we went to Alioth and its vicinity to do some research, without success. Anyway, we think that this area deserve to be digged more deeply.
During the FX17 conference, when Galnet Audio was mentioned, a video was shown to illustrate the feature. At the very beginning of this broadcast, a news appears on the Galnet's UI, mentioning the attack of a military outpost at Epsilon Indi by the Thargoids. We conducted research at Epsilon Indi without finding anything. However, that does not mean that nothing is there. Perhaps it would be worthwhile for other commanders to go there to conduct this research.

A fan fiction, Pritchard On The Frontier, inspired by Frontier: First Encounter relying on the Argent Quest mission arc evokes the creation of the mycoid virus by INRA through the story of Maximilian Weaver. Perhaps it contains clues that could be useful in this research. These elements, however, must be taken with caution because they are not in the official lore, and if systems are mentioned, they will certainly have changed names if they are currently ingame.

Another source of information that may be useful is John Harper's And Here The Wheel.
This novel is part of the official lore, Drew Wagar said. The story told by this novel is perhaps the most recent mention of INRA that we had.

We will update this thread as your comments enrich it. Above all do not hesitate to make your contribution.

Thank you.


INRA Outposts uncovered

Base 1 (9/10/17)
Hollis Gateway
System Hermitage Planet 4a
Coordinates : -53.75, 157.61
Discovery Credit to: EfilOne (CoR), Yuksarr (Wing Atlantis/OSIRIS), Alex Ringess (Wing Atlantis/OSIRIS), Klingsor (LPV/OSIRIS)

Base 2 (15/10/17)
Stuart Retreat
System HIP 15329 planet A 3 C
Coordinates : -62.61 -44.26
Discovery Credit to: Syleo (Wing Atlantis / OSIRIS / RI)

Base 3 (15/10/17)
Klatt Enterprises
System ALNATH, planet A 2 A A,
Coordinates : 4.0186 133.5426
Discovery Credit to: Isaiah Evanson (CoR)

Base 4 (15/10/17)
Mayes Chemical Plant
System HIP 59382, planet 1 B
Coordinates : 11.41 177.06
Discovery Credit to: EfilOne (CoR)

Base 5 (16/10/17)
Hogan Depot
System HIP 7158, planet A 2 B
Coordinates : -44.63 -63.78
Discovery Credit to: EfilOne (CoR)

Base 6 (17/10/17)
Velasquez Medical Research Center
System LP 389-95, Planet 7
Coordinates : 57.96, 50.03
Discovered by Cmdr Solderkiller

Base 7 (05/11/17)
Almeida Landing
System Conn Planet A 3 A
Coordinates : 73.38 102.37
Discovery by Cmdr Robbie (Canonn)

Base 8 (06/11/17)
Carmichael Point
System : HIP 16824 Planet A 2 F
Coordinates : 73.87 61.87
Discovery by Cmdr Jack Corban (Canonn)

Base 9 (24/11/17)
System : HIP 12099 Planet 1A
Coordinates : -72.62 -67.52
Discovery by Cmdr Dutch Foster (Canonn)

COBRA JJ-386 (25/11/17)
An old Cobra wreck was also found on HIP 12099 1B,
Coordinates : -54.36, -50.36.
It seems to be a legendary one. The logs found in place indicated that it was the Cobra of Jameson himself !
Discovery by Cmdr Robbie (Canonn)

LOGS (spoiler)

Base 10 (25/11/17)
Taylor Keep
System : 12 Trianguli Planet 1A
Coordinates : -51.57 130.6
Discovery by cmdr phoebia

Base 11 (26/05/22)
System : DG Canum Venaticorum
Planet : A 4 A
Coordinates : -3.125 / 25.53125 / 2.6875

/!\ Spoiler Inside

Base 1
Transcribed by: Alex Ringess
Technology testing 1/4 :

...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...

Personal Log : Bexlay Prince, Chief Researcher

We recieved a very exciting delivery today: pieces of recovered Thargoid technology, even framents of spacecraft. Most of the samples are dammaged, but we should still be able to put them to good use. Thargoid technology is, in many repsects, far more advanced than our own.Undertanding it could open up all kinds of possibilities and rapidly accelerate our own development. Space travel, energy, weapons, even medicine - the applications are potentially limitless. I suspect there's a key discovery to be made, one that will open up the aliens' technology to us. Who knows? Perhaps I'll be the one to make it. But I'm getting ahead of myself. There's lots of work to be done before we can start popping champagne corks. I've given the research teams their assignments. Let's see what they can find out.

Technology testing 2/4 :

...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...

Personal Log : Bexlay Prince, Chief Researcher

Progress is slow and much of what we knew about the Thargoids - or thought we knew - has had to be revised. But I suppose that's to be expected. We now have twelve active research projects, focusing on a number of different areas. I find myself growing impatient with some of my colleagues, but that's the problem with being a perfectionist. I set high standards for myself, and I expect others to do the same.

Technology testing 3/4 :

...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...

Personal Log : Bexlay Prince, Chief Researcher

Phase three has been a failure. I sincerely believed we were making progress, but just because something works in theory does not mean it will work in practice. There have also been issues with the junior researchers. Some of them think they're being monitored, and one... one actually believe she's being held against her will. Of course, those who have worked in this sector before, know this is not the case. Naturally our employers keep an eye on us - the work we're doing is extremely sensitive. We're researching alien technology, after all. It's a question of security. Some people can find a conspiracy in anything.

Technology testing 4/4 :

...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...

Personal Log : Bexlay Prince, Chief Researcher

Our employers have become preoccupied with one of the research projects, although I've repeatedly told them it's a dead end. It isn't even an official project - it's just something that one of the junior researchers cooked up in his spare time. He's a specialist in agricultural science, trying to wipe out famine or something. Apparently he's created a biological agent that incapacitates the alien technology. Here we are, devoting millions of credits and countless ours to understanding this technology, and he's trying to destroy it! If it were up to me I'd cut him from the project entirely, but our employers seem to think his work has merit.

Base 2
Transcribed by: Courtesy of Jasch
Whistleblower 1/4
I don't have long. Once they realise I'm gone and the data has been copied, they'll send their attack dogs after me, I know they will. But someone needs to show the galaxy
what the INRA really is - what it's doing, what it's hiding.

Whistleblower 2/4
I'm sorry for the part I've played in this. Truly.
I was a researcher at a facility in the Hermitag 4 A system exploring agricultural applications of Thargoid-derived technology. The lab was owned by the INRA.
Publicly, the INRA likes to emphasise the whole altruistic and cooperative thing, but in recent years it's become much more focused on weapons testing and manufacture. Believe me, it's a military contractor in all but name.

Whistleblower 3/4
The nature of my field was the study of disease-resistant crops and mycoproteins, that sort of thing. I was getting good results, even if my superiors took no notice. Then
everything changed.
I was running a bunch of control experiments, just trying a few things out really. It was an afterthought - it wasn't even related to the main body of my work.
The results were interesting and I didn't think they were particularly significant, but something made me take it directly to one of the INRA guys. I didn't want to go to Dr
Prince, she'd always been pretty dismissive of my work.
I would do anything to be able to undo that decision.

Whistleblower 4/4
All my equipment and samples were whisked off to some remote facility. Later, I found out they'd been taken to a weapons-testing site in the Alnath A 2 A A system.
My research was used as the basis of a new super weapon designed to destroy the Thargoids. I heard they experimented on live captives. I doubt any of it was strictly legal. It certainly wasn't ethical. To the public, the INRA is a symbol of all that is possible when superpowers set aside their differences and work together. Well, it might have started off like that, but it's something very different now. Progress at any cost, might makes right - all our worst impulses channelled into an unaccountable organisation focused solely on making bigger and more powerful weapons. Bigger and more powerful weapons. God.
If you find this... if someone finds this, make sure it gets out. Please. It's time people knew the truth.

Base 3
Transcribed by: nodus
History will Decide 1/5
Finally, we have a breakthrough. A researcher at the facility in the Hermitage 4A system has found something - stumbled onto something, by all accounts - and it's pushed our research forward dramatically.
Essentially, it's a kind of fungus - one that appears to have a significant effect on Thargoid technology. We knew their tech was partly biological, but until now we couldn't find a way to use that fact to our advantage.
The theory is that if we could somehow get the fungus into their starships - specifically their hyperdrives - we could shut them down. They'd be unable to leave their system.
We could end the war in a single stroke.

History will Decide 2/5
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...

We have built a dedicated new laboratory so we can properly test the effects of the mycoid. We also have access to an intact Thargoid ship and a living specimen. I plan to test the mycoid on both. Some of my colleagues have expressed reservations about experimenting on a living creature, but I have no such qualms. We must know what the mycoid can do.

History will Decide 3/5
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...

Excellent news: we have received a second specimen. We can now accelerate the pace of our testing.

So far, our experiments indicate that the fungus affects not only the Thargoids' technology but also their physiology, as evidenced by the degeneration of our specimen. These results are highly encouraging. If the mycoid can hurt them - truly hurt them - we may have found the means to win this war.

Several of my colleagues have left the project in protest over our treatment of the creature. If it were up to me, I would have them executed as traitors.

History will Decide 4/5
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...

Our latest tests were extremely successful. The mycoid can paralyse a Thargoid system - either physically or technological - in a matter of seconds. It is extremely effective.

I confess: the knowledge that the mycoid causes the Thargoids physical pain brings me some measure of satisfaction. But when one has seen, first hand, the effect of their weapons - seen the destruction, the chaos, the bodies - can one be blamed for wanting them to suffer, as we have?

History will Decide 5/5
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...

The haulers have departed for the HIP 59382 1 B system with the samples, ready to start mass production. We know the mycoid works. Now it falls to the other members of the project to determine how it can be effectively deployed.
I know there are some who will condemn me for my part in this project. Let them. I harbour no remorse.
The Thargoids understand only one thing: destruction. They will not stop until every last one of us has been reduced to dust. We have created a weapon that can prevent such a catastrophe. We have a moral obligation to use it.

Base 4
Transcribed by: Courtesy of Jasch
Project Mycoid 1/4
To: Trystan Law, Corporate Liaison

I understand that this is lucrative contract, but I really think we need to take a second look at the production schedule. We have neither the facilities nor the workforce to deliver what's been promised. Furthermore, the facility should be subjected to a complete decontamination before we start. That could take weeks.
Essentially, we can't produce the chemicals in the quantity requested within the given timeframe. It just can't be done.
I'd also like to renew my request for more information on the purpose of the chemical.

Jarah Cook
Site Manager

Project Mycoid 2/4
To: Elgii Sung, Site Manager

Welcome to the position of Site Manager. We are looking forward to working with you on the mycoid project. I understand that you have raised questions regarding the reassignment of your predecessor. It was decided that her experience and expertise could be put to better use in another part of our organisation.
As discussed, it is of the utmost importance that the chemical be in production within three weeks.
We have every faith in you.

Trystan Law
Corporate Liaison

Project Mycoid 3/4
To: Elgii Sung, Site Manager

Our analysis has confirmed that the latest batch was contaminated, and is therefore useless. I'm sure we hardly need to remind you how essential it is that this project proceeds without complication. The cause of the contamination must be determined immediately.
We cannot afford any more mistakes.

Trystan Law
Corporate Liaison

Project Mycoid 4/4
To: Trystan Law, Corporate Liaison

The issue with the previous batch arose because your unrealistic deadlines forced us to take shortcuts. If we were given more time, mistakes of this kind would not occur.
With that said, we have rectified the issue and extended working hours so we can replace the tainted batch without deviating from schedule. The next shipment will arrive in HIP 7158 A 2 D within 72 hours.

Elgii Sung
Site Manager

Base 5
Transcribed by: Courtesy of Jasch
Pesticides? 1/3
Every day the haulers come, dropping off more of the stuff. Others come to pick it up. We've been told not to ask questions. See, there's rumours it's some kind of pesticide, right. But with the amount we've got in storage, they must be expecting one hell of an outbreak.

Pesticides? 2/3
Some of the top brass from INRA's visiting. The boss said he was here to talk about investment, but this guy had a military smell all over him. I know the public thinks that
INRA is this great cooperative enterprise, but I don't buy it. I think there's more to them than meets the eye.
One thing's for sure - they're running the show here.

Pesticides? 3/3
So, the inbound haulers have stopped coming, but the collection ships are still flying in. The place finally is being emptied.
I was talking to one of the hauler pilots down the docks today. According to her, this is all part of some kind of top-secret anti-Thargoid weapon thing. Apparently they're
flying the stuff to a med-research facility in LP 389-95 7, wherever that is. She reckons, this has been going on for months, at sites all over the galaxy.
So it's not pesticide then - well, at least not in the conventional sense.

Base 6
Transcribed by: Courtesy of Jasch
Vaccine 1/5
Personal Log: Kiona Li, Senior Medical Officer

I don't know who they were, exactly. Some corporate bigwigs. But they definitly convinced the board.
I can't say I'm surprised. They offered a lot of money for access to our labs apparently. The board probably didn't even ask what they wanted them for.At least I got the bosses to promise the lab wouldn't be used to make biological weapons. This is a medical facility, after all. I will not be bullied into participating in this so-called war just because some corporate gave us their money.

Vaccine 2/5
Personal Log: Kiona Li, Senior Medical Officer

It turns out they want us to make some kind of vaccine, an antidote for an unnamed biological weapon. They've given us samples and data, but whenever we press for more information our requests are met with silence. We're working in the dark. With our hands tied behind our backs.
In practical terms we've got everything we could need, but I have no idea where half of it comes from. They've given us material the weapon has been tested on, both organic and inorganic, human and nonhuman.I'm starting to wonder if the weapon is even designed to target humans.

Vaccine 3/5
Personal Log: Kiona Li, Senior Medical Officer

We've finally been given access to a sample of the weapon, and it's opened up all kinds of avenues. I still worry about the ease with which our benefactors acquired the samples, but I'm probably just being paranoid. They obviously have deep pockets. Having access to unlimited funds must open all kinds of doors.

Vaccine 4/5
After months of research the solution ended up being pretty simple. Once you break it down it's a fairly straightforward organic compound - little more than a fungus, really. We tested the vaccine on some of the older samples, and while it doesn't undo any existing damage, it does prevent the weapon from doing any further harm. Our sponsors certainly seem happy.

Vaccine 5/5
Personal Log: Kiona Li, Senior Medical Officer

The lab is being dismantled. Seems our sponsors want to move us to a new location. Their representatives appeared a few days ago, demanded that all data be transferred to their servers and all samples be put into storage, ready to be moved.Why are they doing this? The lab more than meets our needs - they made sure of it. I tried talk to them, but I just got stonewalled. Apparently all information is on a need-to-know basis. And I don't need to know.

Base 7
Transcribed by: Alex Ringess
Reverse-engineered 1/6
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...
Personnal Log : Effie Ratling Engineer

They told me not to ask where it came from, just to reverse-engineer whatever I can. Weapons, shields, power management - anything I can figure out. It's... It's like giving a rocket to a Neanderthal and expecting them to fix it. I mean, where do I even start?
Al least they're paying me well. That's something.

Reverse-engineered 2/6
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...
Personnal Log : Effie Ratling Engineer

I haven't stept for days. I always did find it hard to switch off, you know, even when I wasn't trying to reverse-engineer an alien starship.
I've made a small amount of progress, but it's always two steps forward, three steps back. The guys in charge are getting impatient, but what did they expect? It's not like this thing came with a manual

Reverse-engineered 3/6
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...
Personnal Log : Effie Ratling Engineer

I've finaly made some progress with the drive technology, which is just as well, since I was running out of options.
Thargoid drive tech differs radically from our own. Rather that shift space around the ship, it appears to create this stable wormhole for the ship to travel through. It sounds crazy, but the maths don't lie. And if my calculations are right, I might even be able to replicate it.
I want to get a prototype up and running as soon as possible. Something tells me the bigwigs are about to step in. I've seen this all before - you get hired by a big company, and once you've gone and done the hard work they swoop in and take all the glory. Well, I'm not going to let that happen. I want to be credited with creating the first hybrid drive.

Reverse-engineered 4/6
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...
Personnal Log : Effie Ratling Engineer

I knew it. The minute I handed in my report, the company took over. They've retained me as a 'consultatn' - whatever that means - but they're basicaly ignoring everything I say.
They're made some modifications to my prototype, but it was a bit of rush job. Must be in a hell of a hurry to get to the test-flight stage. I told them it was too soon, that we needed more tests, but once again, I got stonewalled.
Granted, the wormhole is stable, but we have no idea what will happen when you send a human being through it.

Reverse-engineered 5/6
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...
Personnal Log : Effie Ratling Engineer

So, they decided to push ahead with the test flight, despite my warnings. Some hotshot young pilot, full of spit and vinegar, as my old man would say. And not a single brain cell between his ears.
The wormhole was stable, but that was never a concern.
The question is what will happen to the pilot.

Reverse-engineered 6/6
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...
Personnal Log : Effie Ratling Engineer

The ship didn't reappear for almost an hour. When it did, it just drifted lifelessly. The pilot didn't respond to our hails.
We recovered the vessel and pulled open the cockpit.
What I saw in there will stay with me for the rest of my life.
The pilot looked like he'd been turned inside out. That cocky young kid who thought he ruled the sky.
I have to say, my sumpathy didn't last long when I found out they're going to pin it on me. They're cancelled the project and launched an investigation, but that's just window dressing. There's no doubt in my mind they'll carry on testing in secret. Meanwhile, I'm the one who's going to take the fall.
There is a chance I might be able to make it out of this.
Apparently they've developed some kind of Thargoid-killing super weapon, and they don't want so much as whisper in the public domain. So this is the choice I'm going to give them: let me walk, and I say nothing. Set me up, and everyone discovers that the INRA is in the genocide business.
It's a risky move, but what other choice do I have?

Base 8
Transcribed by: Alex Ringess
Watching The Sky 1/4
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established... records found...

Everything is in place.
If the Thargoids take the bait, this facility should come under attack very soon. And when it does, we'll find out if ouir new weapons are worth a damn.
It's taken a lot of time and effort to make this place look like an important military site. I just hope they fall for it.
It's about time we started fighting back.

Watching The Sky 2/4
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established... records found...

Everyon's on edge. It's like seeing an approaching storm and waiting for it to break. The air is heavy with the threat of violence.
Maybe they didn't take the bait? Maybe we hid it too well?
Or maybe we didn't hide it well enouigh. What if they realised this is a trap?
I suppose it's too late to worry about that now. All we can do is watch the sky, and wait.

Watching The Sky 3/4
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established... records found...

Contact confirmed! Thargoids 1,000 light seconds from site and closing. Ready all weapon systems and prepare to fire on my order. We've only got one shot at this and I don't want to miss.
Wait... wait. What is that? That's not a regular Thargoid ship. It's huge.
Will somebody scan that thing! And tell command we've got a mothership here. Get them the data as soon as possible.
All right, all right, that's close enought. Fire all batteries!

Watching The Sky 4/4
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established... records found...

Test unsuccessful... targets suffered minimal damage... site lost... all operatives... lost...

Base 9
Transcribed by: Alex Ringess
Living Specimen 1/4
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...
...Personal log 1/4...

Complex molecular chains detected
Bonds weakened by corrosive agent
Unable to identify agent
Structural analysis complete

Organic material analysed
Possible contaminant identified
Composition scan complete

Always the same results. I keep telling them: there's only so much we can do with the samples we've been given.
We need a living specimen.

Living Specimen 2/4
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...
...Personal log 2/4...

Apparently they listened to me. We've been asked to build some testing apparatus and a secure enclosure. I drew up a preliminary specification but was told the enclosure needed to be more robust.

These creatures must be tremendously strong.

Living Specimen 3/4
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...
...Personal log 3/4...

The specimen arrived today. The security reports indicate that it made several escape attempts, the most recent of which resulted in a number of deaths. We must take every precaution.

The specimen appears to be in poor physical health, but it's undoubtedly alive, and it will certainly serve our purposes.

Living Specimen 4/4
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...
...Personal log 4/4...

The specimen is highly resilient and seems to be able to withstand severe physical trauma, event to the point of losing limbs. I was reminded of pulling the legs off spiders as a child. Fortunately, testing on a nonhuman means no legal red tape to slow things down.

Tomorrow we will begin experimenting with chemical and biological weapons. These creatures may be tough, but we will find their weakness.

Cobra JJ-386
Transcribed by: Alex Ringess
Commanders Log: John Jameson 1/4
Hey there, kiddo. Now I know I said i'd be coming home soon, but they've asked me to do something - something important - and I couldn't say no.
I wanted to be there, believe me but sometimes you have to make sacrifices, well this is one of those times. I don't know if that makes much sens to you, but maybe it will do when you're older.
Anyway, I thought I'd send you this log. I know it's not the same as being there in person, but it's the best I could do. I'm sorry.
I'm not really supposed to talk about my mission, but if I'm going to miss your birthday the least I can do is give you a good story. Consider yourself sworn to secrecy.
I'm sitting in the cockpit, waiting for the all clear. They want to tinker with her for a while first, but they don't seem to have done any harm. All systems online.
Everything's... everything's looking good.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't feeling just a little jittery. You know I've fought bugs before, sure, but never more than one at a time. Flying up to one of their hive ships? Well, that's a whole different story.
Hell, I don't even know what I'm carrying. Classified, they said. All I know is it's designed to target the bugs' hyperdrives so they won't be able to leave the system.
Of course if it dosen't work, I'm just kicking the hornet's nest. That's why I've set the nav system to jump out as soon as I've deployer the payload. Can't be too careful.
Wish me luck.

Commanders Log: John Jameson 2/4
That was almost too easy. Threaded my wau past their perimeter, masked my heat signature so I could get close to the superstructure.
I tell you... I'd never seen a hive ship up close before. I doubt many people have. It was amazing, kiddo. Beautiful, realy. Makes you realise just how smart they are, how advanced.
admit it: I hesitated for a moment before I hit the button. I had to remind myself that it wasn't them I was attacking, just their technology. That's if this mycoid virus of theirs even works.
Man, I watched the payload rocket into the belly of their ship and stuck around just long enough to make sure it hit home. Then I punched the throttle. Woah!
I'm coming home, kiddo. I'm coming home.

Commanders Log: John Jameson 3/4
It was supposed to target their hyperdrives. That's what they told me. Just the hyperdrives. So we'd be safe again. So we could live without fear. Well, it did a hel of a lot more than that.
There were sensors on the payload so I could monitor the reaction and make sure it activated properly. I'm staring at the data now.
The weapon is... lethal.
They knew what it could do. They knew what it could do and they used it anyway. How many have we killed?
Thousands? Millions? God forgive us.

Commanders Log: John Jameson 4/4
Got myself a bit of a situation here, kiddo.
My guess is that they installed a program in my ship and set it to trigger after I'd deployed the payload. All my systems are dead. The controls are out. Can't even access the escape pod. And the ship is on a collision course. And there is nothing I can do about it.
"We need to inspect your ship, Commander." How did I fall for a ruse like that? Oh god. I'm at least partly to blame. I've gotten old, careless. I should have quit years ago.
I guess I should have known they wouldn't want me coming back. The bugs are dangerous - no doubt about it - but er, well this is mass murder we're talking about.
You can understand why they'd want to keep it secret.
I know some men wouldn't want to admit they'd killed thousands of sentient beings. I guess... I guess the guys back at base think they're doing me a favour by burying me out here in the black. Personally, I'd rather people knew what happened. Even if I didn't come out of it looking too good.
I don't have much time. There's big old planet in my viewport and it's getting bigger by the second.
People will talk about what I did, after I'm gone. The missions I flew, the things I accomplished. But there's something I want you to remember. No matter what they say, whatever garlands they hang on my name, whatever they write on my tombstone.

Base 10
Transcribed by: Alex Ringess
All Our Hopes 1/3
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...
...Communications record 1/3...

I'll admit, I had my reservations about this Commander Jameson. I looked into his background and apparently he climbed the ranks of the Pilots Federation with unprecedented speed. He's revered by other pilots. But that doesn't mean he's suited to the task.
But then it struck me - all we need is someone who can get the payload where it needs to go. The hard work - the developments of the mycoid - has already been done. All Jameson has to do is push a button.
The important thing is to play up the whole 'saving humanity' angle. Make him feel like a hero. That should stop him asking too many questions.
And if everything goes wrong, we can just pin the blame on him.

All Our Hopes 2/3
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...
...Communications record 2/3...

Having recieved the payload from the Alnath system we've prepared a number of medium-range missiles loaded with the weaponised version of the mycoid.
Jameson will be here in three days to prep for the mission, which should give us more than enough time to fit his vessel. Apparently he insisted on using his own ship. I've also ordered that some special modifications be made on his craft.
He'll have to get close to launch the missiles, so it's unlikely he'll be coming back. But if he does survive, there are contingencies in place.

All Our Hopes 3/3
...Bypassing security protocols...
...Secure connection established...
...Communications record 3/3...

To: Commander Jameson
From : Amaron Hem, Programme Coordinator.
Welcome, Commander Jameson. Your reputation precedes you. We are extremely grateful you chose to accept this mission.
I understand that the purpose of the assignment has been explained to you, but allow me to reiterate: this mission, if executed successfully, could mean the end of our war with the Thargoids. Its importance cannot be overstated.
The consignment has been loaded onto your ship. We have made some minor modifications to your vessel, but it should not affect the performance or functionality in any way.
This is an extremely dangerous mission, Commander. You will be heading deep into enemy terrotory. If anything goes wrong, you're on your own.
Good luck, Commander. The futur of the human race is in your hands. All our hopes and prayers go with you.

Base 11
Linked with the Azimuth Saga :
discovered on 26 May 3308/2022
Transcribed by: Canonn
Azimuth Contract 1/5

…Bypassing security protocols…

…Secure connection established…

This is Caleb Wycherley, vice—president of research at Azimuth Biochemicals. l have been assigned oversight of our work with INRA over the next few months.

While the financial aspects of the contract are considerable, there is much to be gained from this new partnership. INRA possesses a number of remarkable talents with whom a positive working relationship will benefit Azimuth‘s continued growth. The opportunities of such a network will help establish a market lead over Pharmasapien. Perhaps, in time, that second-rate company will learn its place in the broader picture. One can hope, at least.

Azimuth’s role in the anti-Thargoid initiative is encouraging. But this ongoing war is tiresome. The resources spent on proving that humanity is the dominant species in the galaxy would be better served elsewhere. I find the Thargoid’s persistent aggression towards us offensive. lNRA’s work may be the best chance we have to end the conflict.

On that note, Azimuth will help with the development of a biological weapon. We have several potential compounds which show some promise. Our expertise in biochemical research will no doubt prove valuable to the initiative.

I’m eager to see what the future holds.

Azimuth Contract 2/5
…Bypassing security protocols…

…Secure connection established…

A fortuitous development has occurred. Lady Luck smiles upon us.

Our biological weapons research has shown limited success up to now. However, a research assistant of INRA has stumbled upon the incredible potential of a fungus, of all things. An agricultural experiment involving Thargoid technology revealed the fungus’s highly damaging properties.

I understand the researcher had to bypass his superior to bring this discovery to light. A weaker-willed individual would have disregarded the results as instructed. Fortunate for us this man is made of sterner stuff. I expect the researcher will receive little official recognition. however.

It’s amusing, really. This man may have uncovered the means of ending the war, yet the nature of lNRA’s work will ensure that humanity never knows his name.

The subsequent meeting about this fungus’s potential for weaponisation was enlightening. From the very specific wording used by lead INRA figures, I suspect that information is being withheld from sub-contractors such as myself. Understandable, of course. Still. I have a strong suspicion that INRA possesses at least one live Thargoid specimen. I’m keen to witness a live test on Thargoid physiology.

l’ll spend the evening with my peers. It shouldn’t be too difficult to persuade them that my presence would be beneficial for such a test.

Azimuth Contract 3/5

…Bypassing security protocols…

…Secure connection established…

The live Thargoid test was fascinating, to say the least. The new scar across my face is evidence of that.

I arrived shortly before the test was scheduled to take place. As the fungal compound. now termed mycoid, was prepared, the Thargoid specimen broke out of its holding cell, the last in a series of escape attempts. There were multiple fatalities, and I am fortunate not to be counted among them. Medical treatment was a success, though my left eye will need further surgical attention.

The creature was savage and difficult to subdue. One wonders how these mindless things developed the impressive technology they use.

I was ready to return for the introduction of the mycoid compound. The results were exactly as hoped, resulting in the Thargoid‘s demise.

Some INRA personnel have requested transfers away from the project, citing the ethical concerns of living test subjects. These people clearly lack the will to protect humanity by any means necessary.

The mycoid compound has been approved for mass production at several INRA facilities. Azimuth’s contribution to the manufacturing process has been noted. It now falls to my team to propose methods of delivering the compound to Thargoid targets. A missile seems the logical solution, though questions of mycoid containment and virulence upon impact must first be answered.

Azimuth Contract 4/5

…Bypassing security protocols…

…Secure connection established…

The meeting with leading INRA figures has concluded. Final preparations of the mycoid weapon are underway at Taylor Keep.

The plan is to send a long vessel towards the Thargoid mothership that recently attacked Carmichael Point. Not many pilots possess the courage or the skill to complete such a mission. I suspect that a member of the Pilots’ Federation will be required, given the challenges of this assignment. A list of potential candidates is
being drawn up.

I’ve reviewed the classified documentation related to the mycoid weapon’s payload. For such a highly secretive organisation, INRA’s network security protocols took only a few hours to bypass. It seems INRA leaders anticipate the mycoid virus will inflict significant damage to not only the mothership but also its occupants. The payload has been specifically designed to do so.

While I approve of the decision to eradicate the many Thargoids on board, communication records reveal a convoluted discussion to reach agreement on this tactic. I wonder why the decision to strike a decisive blow against our enemy was such a difficult one.

Earlier today I secured a regular supply of progenitor cells. My recent brush with death served as a reminder of my own mortality, and there is far too much work to do in a typical human lifespan. The operation to fully restore my sight was a success, but has left my eye completely white.

This appears to have prompted a new nickname among my staff, some of whom are now referring to me as ‘The Witch’. The wordplay is amusing, I suppose. But perhaps such a pseudonym will have its uses.

Azimuth Contract 5/5

…Bypassing security protocols…

…Secure connection established…

The mycoid weapon has been successfully delivered by a CMDR John Jameson. The brave pilot did not return home. A shame; I would have liked to shake the hand of a man who has contributed so profoundly to the end of the Thargoid war.

Reports suggest that the remaining Thargoid forces are in full retreat from human space. Some INRA personnel are convinced this is a decisive victory from which the Thargoids will not recover, but I disagree. It is likely they will resurface in time, too impudent to accept human dominance.

We must prepare for that eventuality. INRA has served its purpose, but the cross-superpower nature of the organisation leaves it vulnerable to corruption and politics. Azimuth is well suited to take up the mantle of protecting humanity against any Thargoid retaliation.

Our rivals such as Pharmasapian cannot be trusted with this task. They lack the patience and the stomach for what is required. Only Azimuth, under my direction, will be capable of the necessary action to wipe the Thargoid race out forever.

If I must be humanity’s salvation, then so be it.


Base 1

Courtesy of Cmdr Goose for the map and Cmdr CookieJarviz for pointing the Hermitage system.

Base 2


Base 3



Find the base

Thanks to Thatchinho to having read the thread in details and finaly make a digest of the method we used to find the first base.

About the details of the discovery of site #2, we ask you to be patient. We will post it as soon as Syleo will sending it to us. He is very busy with RL so it will take time.

Method to find base #3 and following :
Go to base #2
Find the coordinates we provided.
Once there, take all the logs.
The last one will give you the system name and the planet where you'll find the next base.Once there, set up your graphic settings as EfilOne explained : Reduce all your graphic settings to the absolute minimum (planets looks like yoghurt at this stage, hence the term), try to find "contrasty" lighting conditions, and something I like doing : licking the surface upside down with the camera angled straight up your head ( and begin your search.

Personally, having been through it all in detail several times, I can't really see any signs of intuition being involved, and a bit of luck maybe but nothing outrageous. Most of it just seems to be based on sound reasoning as far as I can tell.

Going through it all:

  • The Alioth area as a search region. That's based on old lore about INRA. - That seems pretty rational to me.
  • It being in an unpopulated system. The rationale for this is that it's a secret base and so wouldn't be put in a populated system where it might be easily stumbled across. - again that seems utterly rational to me.
  • <personally in my view it would also be in a system that was unlikely to become populated for the same reason, and the system would be not just unpopulated but also generally inhospitable.>
  • It being on a white coloured icy body. That's based on the colour of the surface in the background in the screenshot from the trailer. - Again entirely rational.
  • The body having ravines. That's also based on what can be seen in the background of the screenshot from the trailer. - again that's perfectly rational.

The only thing that's not completely clear to that point is why it would be a named planet. The post about it isn't well worded, but as far as I can tell this it's due to things being in named planets in the lore. - That's still pretty reasonable.

It also seems that Cookie thinks the site wouldn't be very close to Alioth. That's for the same reasons as it being in an unpopulated system. That bit's again not well worded so it's hard to be sure. - it would be fairly rational though.

So, there's the set of criteria with which the search for the planet seems to have been done, all of which are fairly rational:
  • in the area around Alioth
  • named system
  • unpopulated
  • white icy body with ravines

Also possibly:
- not too close to Alioth

Cookie also reported finding lots of convoys in the system, which he thought was unusual for an unpopulated system, and made it stand out to him. - Personally, at the time of writing this, I don't know for sure whether that would be an indicator of the base being there or is actually completely normal for a system of that type in that area.

Anyway, that gives a search for the planet which can be replicated by anyone.

Steps to replicate:

1. Go to galmap
2. Find Alioth
3. Filter out all populated systems (Set government type or economy to none)
4. Work through named systems...
4.a. Check system in EDSM. If system doesn't have landable icy bodies, try another system. If it does, then;
4.b. Jump to the system, honk, and open system map (or open system map from galmap if available).
4.c. Check the colours of the icy bodies. If there are no white icy bodies, try another system. If there are white icy bodies, investigate further.
4.d. Does the body have ravines and does the colouration match that in the screenshot? If no, then check next white icy bodies. If there's no more white icy bodies, then try another system. If yes, then this identifies a body which might have a base on.
4.e. Check for convoys for reference. (Unclear currently whether this is a co-incidence or an indicator that a base is present, so just note and proceed regardless.)
4.f. Continue to search further systems for other bodies or go straight to...
5. Report identified body/bodies which might contain a base.

Listening Posts
An Excel spreadsheet of the LP data known created by CMDR Jorki Rasalas
The Google sheet link :
The Original post on this thread
cmdr phoebia
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Nah there gone. Completely. Im pretty sure there was a cannon book that basicly confirmed there dead

Where do i help look for this stuff anyway?

Well, the screenshot are from the latest teaser Frontier broadcasted during the FX17 ( It was recorded with ingame assets, as usual.

In And Here The Wheel, at the end, INRA wasn't destroyed but only desapeared, so the book you told about not confirmed that INRA is dead.

That said, we need to dig the old lore and the official one if you want to have a chance to find the outpost the 2 screenshots are showing.

Anyway, our goal is to find the outpost shown on the pics.

It could have some importance.
Cmdr Isaiah Evanson noted that there is some ressemblances between the streaks we see on the INRA tanks and some streaks we saw on the Thargoid Scout few days ago.
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Well, the screenshot are from the latest teaser Frontier broadcast during the FX17. It was recorded with ingame assets, as usual.

In And Here The Wheel, at the end, INRA wasn't destroyed but only desapeared, so the book you told about not confirmed that INRA is dead.

That said, we need to dig the old lore and the official one if you want to have a chance to find the outpost the 2 screenshots are showing.

Honestly i think the only way were gonna find these outposts is by someone just randomly stumbling upon a beacon that just happens to point them to it
Must say, I wondered at the significance of showing those shots in the video, but could not work out why FD had done so. It looks like a SRV raid on that old station, either to destroy old materials (before it harms us) or to retrieve it. From what you say, it could be the latter ;)
Well theres a relay station with some weird canisters and such, and data links, which was recently discovered (I did find it, just didnt have the equipment to take out the ships protecting it at the time)

Maybe those data links have some info?

Haven't read what the commander who scanned them wrote as I would like to find it myself.
Honestly i think the only way were gonna find these outposts is by someone just randomly stumbling upon a beacon that just happens to point them to it

They've (deliberately?) left clues of the location of that base with the star patterns in the sky. Someone, somewhere, will work it out from that.
They've (deliberately?) left clues of the location of that base with the star patterns in the sky. Someone, somewhere, will work it out from that.

Its impossible to work that out from those to clips, there is no "landmark" no nebula, star cluster or anything to go off other than its not near the galactic core (which is pretty ovbious)

INRA never went out far, the furthest they went out was the massive battle where they deployed the Mycoid virus on the thargoids, so they are going to be somewhere in independent space most likely
Its impossible to work that out from those to clips, there is no "landmark" no nebula, star cluster or anything to go off other than its not near the galactic core (which is pretty ovbious)

INRA never went out far, the furthest they went out was the massive battle where they deployed the Mycoid virus on the thargoids, so they are going to be somewhere in independent space most likely
You have to read (again ?) And Here The Wheel.
It is a part of the official Lore, Drew said.
The last time we saw INRA was on this book.
You have to read (again ?) And Here The Wheel.
It is a part of the official Lore, Drew said.
The last time we saw INRA was on this book.

Eh, i just want to know where they are, do we know of any bases in that book? Any main location? Important locations? Anything at all?
Eh, i just want to know where they are, do we know of any bases in that book? Any main location? Important locations? Anything at all?

In And Here The Wheel, they had no base. They had lost all their assets, excepting a Behemoth class ship. This one was their HQ.
Anyway, as mentionned before and as the OP said : the goal of this operation is to find the outpost shown on the teaser, not to find INRA HQ.
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My Home base is Golden Gate orbital in Alioth. How can i help out with this in Game.
We search around Alioth without succeed.
Maybe trying to find New Rossyth could be good.
In the last quest on Frontier First Encounter called Argent Quest, there was a reference to New Rossyth, which was located near Alioth, and the mission ran on an area of around 600 ly around New Rossyth. So...

INRA? Who cares about INRA?

No need to search if you want to find a multi-superpower-anti-thargoid-research-and-military-organization. Just saying.
On the pics, we see clear streaks that could probably is caused by the mycoid virus. It is the same kind of streaks we saw on the Thargoid Scout, so if there is some mycoid on the tanks, it could be very usefull. Just saying.
Im gonna start looking around Alioth for odd systems... think about it, An empty system that is named in the middle of a populated area? Would not make sense, and if an INRA base was in a populated system chances are it would of been found by the general public a LONG time ago.
Im gonna start looking around Alioth for odd systems... think about it, An empty system that is named in the middle of a populated area? Would not make sense, and if an INRA base was in a populated system chances are it would of been found by the general public a LONG time ago.
Yes, you are right.
All is depending on if this outpost was build recently or not. If it is a relic from the past, so it'd be possible to find that on an area that is populated now but wasn't at this time ?
Yes, you are right.
All is depending on if this outpost was build recently or not. If it is a relic from the past, so it'd be possible to find that on an area that is populated now but wasn't at this time ?

From the looks of the clips its old, very old. I mean sure but i doubt they would be stupid enough to build one on a populated system chances are they dont want it found in the first place and thats why the system is unpopluated
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