Keyboard and HOTAS Reference Sheet Generator

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With the advent of Horizons there are even more bindings to remember, so it's a good time to generate a reference sheet for your own customised configuration.

The reference sheet generator has been updated and is available at It takes a copy of your custom binds file and generates reference sheets for you for both keyboard and HOTAS. Details of how to use it are available on the site.

If you find any problems with the files that are generated, would like another product supported, or have any general comments then please put them here. Thank you, and I hope that you find this useful.
Kewl !!

Cheers Cmdr's
Download it then copy it into your %LOCALAPPDATA%\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings folder. Download by selecting "save link as" on that binds page.

N.B. The description in line 2 of the binds file is what the game sees (and displays in the controls screen) - make sure there is no conflict as other files with the same description in line 2 cause the game to get "confused".

Is there a place to find the files that Thrustmaster's T.A.R.G.E.T. Command Center builds for the 16000m and throttle ?
I see the binds files but nothing for the file the stick and throttle needs..
Hi there - I've been looking for this thread for AGES, so I am very glad to find it again!

editing quickly - cos I picked the wrong damn file :)

Now I've picked the RIGHT one, I can see the bindings are perfect, thank you!
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The server is now out of disk space. I’ll be handling that in the next few hours but I might have to purge the older saved bindings.
OK site is back up with a clean folder containing just FDev's latest default suite of bindings and my own Thrustmaster FCS bindings, both showing the new FSS bindings. If you need anything retrieved from the backup just PM me the 6-letter code. Enjoy.
Big thanks for updating to accommodate the 3.3 beta bindings, it's making getting my head around the new controls much less stressful.
Unknown controller, logitech G13, reference jrpjez.

Not sure if there's a useful way to handle it, as it's mostly going to be custom mapped to keyboard via its own software, but it does have two stick axes, which are probably what's showing up in my bindings file.
I know. Next on my list is to make the boxes bigger. You can work around it by splitting the categories across two diagrams, but that's not ideal.
THANK YOU for the updated page.
For my X-56 and my custom profile ( works mostly well with the following exceptions:

1) What is the point of adding a description, if there is nowhere to display it. For example in the description I gave instructions.

2) Right-Shift (which is the only thing I have custom set in Saitek software - to be pressed when SLD slider is... erm... slided), is not shown properly in some case. In "Scanners" I have also set Right-Shift to "Enter FSS" in addition to apostrophe (and works properly). Not shown in the binding. Possibly the problem is that Right-Shift is used in other mapping too?

Now a problem stemming by the implementation and is more general and something possibly to look into, in the future...
Right-Shift as I said is set for the slider (which is the label in top left, right under title), yet this not shown as the system doesn't have any way to KNOW that I mapped Right-Shift to slider. So maybe in the future we could manually set some buttons to the labels we want (it possibly need a second page right after loading the binding and before actually displaying it). Maybe there we could also set custom text for labels.
Just think about this for the future. It will help people what have set many buttons to actual keyboard presses.

Another thing for the future is to add legend for the colors?

All good points: thank you!

The description was intended purely for the list view. I did not envision including it in the ref card.

Unfortunately the binds file that is uploaded contains no info from the Saitek software (nor TARGET software for Thrustmaster users). So I cannot support such third-party software very easily.

Manual addition of labels and the addition of a legend are possibilities, but would require a significant amount of work. For example I would need to review each diagram and declare a rectangle for the legend to fit into. All of these things fall under the category of "how much demand is there for it?"
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