Lavecon - Retro Lave OOLITE - Questions thread

This year at Lavecon I have the (damn scary) honour of hosting an Oolite panel. A part of this will be some form of Q&A with people involved with Oolite including, hopefully its Developer, Giles Williams (aegidian), One of the many Modders for it, Dave (Selezen) Hughes, and Author of the fantastic Oolite Saga, Drew Wagar.

Please feel free to submit any and all questions you would like posed to these wonderful individuals and let's do what we can to make a great and interesting panel with a unique opportunity.


P.S. Giles, Dave and Drew, I know that you frequent these forums, so if you want to ask yourself a question then feel free :D
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What was the main driver for you to create a homage to elite?

What were the most complex technical problems that had to be re-engineered?
1) Will development of Oolite continue once E: D is released...
2) If so how do they see the future of Oolite.

This is a great question!

For me, a couple for Giles.

What did it feel like for your original creation to take on a life of it's own with the growing Oolite community and subsequent handover of development to new folks? In short, are you proud of what Oolite has become, and is it what you hoped it would be?

What did you make of the community that arose from the game? There's been a huge response in terms of OXPs (addons), fiction, artwork, maps - what do you put that down to?


I have one,

How difficult was it to get "permission" to do the game or was it changed significantly enough not to require any?
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