Little tweak to UI

Currently our UI for Missions or Passengers looks like this >
UI 1.jpg

its good but i find that right part with destinations could be easier for faster reading.
i mean exactly this part marked with arrows ( idea is to remove words "DESTINATION" from that column, and place it as a single name of that column above it)>
UI 1 B.jpg

So it could looks bit something like this >

UI 1 A.jpg

from my experience browsing through this section right now is possible, but bit eyes tiring after some time, it could be more convenient if it would be more transparent.
thank you.
My point is for people with impaired eyesight this section would be much easier to read, and it wouldnt spoil anything for lucky ones perhaps like you mr. Dave
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Indeed a little tweak. I would like to see the inclusion of the in system distance to the mission object (So to spot 300.000 Ls distances)

Offcourse this is less important for passengers missions but interesting information for the mission boards.
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