Livestream schedule - Beyond Chapter One content reveals (dates, content and time)

Hi everyone,

We're beginning the Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One content reveal livestreams tonight, with Sandro Sammarco, Adam Bourke-Waite... and me. Join us on the official Elite Dangerous YouTube channel at 7PM GMT.

After much discussion, we have decided to split the content reveals in to three livestreams. One tonight (16/01/18), one on Thursday (18/01/18) and one on the following Tuesday (23/01/18). There's a lot of content to get through, so we wanted to make sure that we can have the right people talking about the content, and with enough time to give each feature the attention it deserves.

Remember, the beta is released on Thursday 25 to all PC players, as detailed in the forum post here.

We'll also be posting a summary of what was shown on the livestream on the forums. Look out for a post in News and Bulletins updates later tonight.

Here's what we're going to be covering in the streams (please note this is subject to change):

Tonight's Stream (16/01/18)
  • Changes to Crime and Punishment
  • Wing Missions
  • ...and more!

Thursday's Stream (18/01/18)
  • The Chieftain
  • Planetary visual improvements
  • Trade data improvements
  • The Tech Broker
  • more!

Following Tuesday's Stream (23/01/18)
  • Engineers
  • Material Trader
  • GalNet Audio
  • EVEN MORE!!!

Looking forward to seeing you all in the streams!


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Some potential to be hopeful about Elite in 2018 based on those changes.

Ed, in the stream can you please define the purpose of the Chieftain. Where it fits in the line up. Hard points are on par with FAS / Clipper so there has to be something else that makes it stick out. Is it price, speed, agility, shield, hull, jump range, fighter bay, internal modules space, design/sound design, something else? Please don't tell me its only benefit is that it's not rank locked...

Not another Asp Scout please!
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Buying and selling mats IIRC.

Wouldn't that be the Material Trader?
Tech means technology.. technology broker? o_O
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