General Gameplay Make All Ground Types Available Everywhere

I've been enjoying the 1.8 update so far and I'm still working on completing the Claire Missions but, could the ground types be made available across all of the islands?
With options as subtle as grass and avocado grass (dirt) and rock, they don't really compare to the more prominent options like sand and shale.
To be completely honest, shale looks like it should have just been labelled as Gravel.

I don't know if this is something that unlocks after completing the missions or if its just something that wasn't really thought about until after the fact but, having all of the options available across the board would be a bit more interesting and open so many new doors when it comes to creating unique paddocks.

Maybe further down the line, we could get more options like mud or withered leaves (similar to the ones in the redwood forests).
Of course, new tree types are still something I'm hoping to see in the future (as many of us probably still are) but, I think the game is starting to move in an even better direction to one day having the parks of our dreams ♥
They said they can't do this because it's a technical restriction. But, that's not to say that it will not ever happen at anytime in the far future.
It is supposed to be a management game, and have those kinds of restrictions?, we can not have a big map (thanks to the xbox and ps4) I can understand a bit, but not being able to put sand and dirt in the mode sanbox? it's really ridiculous
A happy solution, just make a second sandbox map with all the ground types. It's not a bad idea. I would love more than one sandbox.
Better still, completely re-make Isla Nublar so we don't have to suffer stupid limitations and playing the very same sector over and over again 🙏
Well then... better say goodbye to your corrupt save files then!
If that means a whole better game experience does it matter at all? With new implementations such as the Greenhouses, fish feeders, Jurassic Tour and likely more to come you would have to demolish and rebuilt most of your park anyway.
The fact they added sand to Nublar without replacing the water around it is a good indicator that adding more terrains is a probably a possibility generally. Any future terrains in general would be nice to have in sandbox, though I'm not sure if it's more effort than it's worth to have it for all islands.
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