By adding more finds in space and on the surface of planets consisting of cargo hauls, is the better way to go to stop players getting bored with the endless grind.

Consider these:

Planet and Space cargo ( Bring back the big hauls which can be found with better %s of being found more often than not)
Big cargo hauls where a regular thing during the release of the game, until engineers came along and they just disappeared & become a rare thing to find. The % of what we find in space is hideous right now and has been for ages.

95% of finds now are material fines for engineering, Frontier has effectively killed off the playability to go into space and actually find decent hauls now and then, just like the original 84 release,

By bringing back these larger hauls of cargo that can be found is a simple case of turning the effect back on, it was there before and can be again.
Players would become more better off credit wise than having to look for gold rush pre-nerfed ways

It would be an easy fix to generate these cargo hauls in all areas of systems good and bad, feds, or empire etc.

There are thargoid and other wreckage locations dotted about the game, but with very few cargo hauls any more, in the several months I have been playing I have found two after SEVERAL WEEKS this is plainly a ridiculous re generated system that needs huge attention.

Frontier has this huge galaxy so why are they not filling it up with things to find.

99% of all POI in space are material finds, they shouldn't be, because it's pushing players to engineer, but they are effecting players that Don't want to engineers. Look at colonia players have been there for ages with no engineers, so what has frontier done, Oh we'll give you engineers so you can grind away like the rest of us....Wrong move.

Frontiers direction of game play at this time is a total mystery aside from how they want to take it which we all know is Copy & paste as well as rinse repeat, Ships, material, wreck sites, Thargoid, Guardian tech puzzles, it's all the same.

Unless these issues are addressed the game will become even more of grind than it is now, and though we all know the grind so well, we still have to voice our concerns with it.
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