1. D

    General Something HAS to be done about the grindy-ness, IT'S TOO MUCH!!!!

    You know, I really enjoy elite but it is 6:20 am, I started playing at 12:00 am and do you know what I did? Guess....guess what I did in those SIX AND A HALF HOURS. I reconfigured and re-engineered my weapons on my cutter...that's right. I.did.nothing. I wanted to try and do some combat...
  2. N

    Forgive me Sally / CM for I have relogged.

    'tis been 12 hours since my last relog... This is a follow up thread from here. Pinging @sallymorganmoore. I've gone to a Military system (BGS in my favour?) I've used all available play time over 2 days to relog at a threat 2/3 IM POI Data from my journal: 81 shutdown events (so relogged 81...
  3. N

    I'm about to be a naughty relogging boi - Stop me please.

    TLDR for a busy CM: I don't know where to get EDO engineer mats from, the game doesn't tell me. (unlike ship mats) Trading data would help stop the grind. (like the ship mats) A rep system would allow players to do what they like to unlock engineers - while nudging them to other areas of the...
  4. Just Paul

    PSA: Operation La Forge - Finishing the Colonia Engineers

    As most people know the Colonia Engineers are a special breed and gain engineering knowledge by using them. In the last two and a half years through normal use and/or focused efforts most blueprints advanced to G5 levels and only 9 blueprints remain to be upgraded. Operation La Forge will start...
  5. Jibroni Gibironi

    The Nav Beacons

    Frontier, if you are going to call these floating objects "nav beacons", then let them actually behave like real nav beacons, and not like these silly space kiosks or google search engines. Scatter them throughout the colonized star systems, so that we can use them to actually jump to out of...
  6. R

    The path to one trillion credits

    I was browsing Inara, and stumbled across the "#1 profile" in the Inara rankings (here: A Cmdr Marz - who has 1.2 Trillion credits. His work ethic is legendary - routinely earning 15-20 Billion credits a week. My question Is this the...
  7. Kestrel_Feathers

    How much of guardian weapon BP's I need in total?

    I'm at the Guardian ruins right now and by looking at Inara and ED Engineer I only need a few, but I remember Exigeous was mentioning that you need buttloads of those to unlock EVERYTHING. I only need Guardian medium Gauss Cannon and large Plasma Charger, but I don't know if Frontier changed...
  8. E

    Grinding Imp and Fed Rank

    Hello Commanders! Apologies if this has been posted previously (if so please direct me to the post) But is there a new efficient way to farm imp and fed rank? Read that the old Ngalinn-Mainani route was nerfed but don't want to waste time seeing if its true or not as its rather out the way...
  9. Yamiks

    [Video] New best way to make credits - it's still 3xLTD mining

  10. Ralph Vargr

    It Took Me Five And A Half Years To Become An Outsider

    I already know I won't be admitted into the Forty Billion Club. :(
  11. Cosmo

    Grind: Dangerous - Fleet Carriers

    The video was made by Kapteeni Krisu.
  12. Old Duck

    How to do bank loans in Elite Dangerous

    Dear Frontier (@Stephen Benedetti), this message is for you. Please consider the following as a springboard for discussion of the possible inclusion of bank loans in Elite Dangerous. The Problem - many people don't want to "grind" to get a certain ship (or fleet carrier), especially more casual...
  13. V

    Fed Rank Grind Status?

    Is station rescue missions still my best bet? I know Sothis and Ceos kind of work still but are incredibly slow because the board flipping, or lack there of.
  14. L

    The Bubble-Engineers must not be worse than the Colonia-Engineers. Equal but not worse.

    If someone wants to go to colonia that is fine and admirable, yet not everyone does. And with all the grind in ED, asking me to go to Colonia to get me G4-Shieldcells is a bit much to ask ... Surely I could just pin the recipe and get the experimental somewhere in the bubble but will I then have...
  15. F

    please allow us to buy materials from mats traders with credits

    as it stands even with trading and picking sites to optimize your mats gathering its still a bit of a long grind to engineer well anything i suggest that we be allowed to buy materials for grades 1 through 3 from the mats traders directly 10 credits per 1 mat at grade 1, 50 at grade 2 and 100...
  16. Swizzy o7o7

    Material Grind Solution!!! Player's Drop Engineering Materials!

    With the recent 'Distant Ganks 2' expedition; a lot of CMDR's have been dying. >2,000 CMDR's dead, which is one for each of the "defense force conda's" that don't exist. I have the solution to the engineering material grind! Let us reap materials from player ships, just as we would for...
  17. Daish


    By adding more finds in space and on the surface of planets consisting of cargo hauls, is the better way to go to stop players getting bored with the endless grind. Consider these: Planet and Space cargo ( Bring back the big hauls which can be found with better %s of being found more often...
  18. B

    X commodities in Piracy

    Hi I have started collecting some of the guardian weapons and i have seen alot of post about this stuff but never find anything about us pirates 😌. Im looking for "Articulation Motors" for [Turreted] Guardian Weapon, my question is where are the dam fat ships that carry this???? What would be...
  19. T

    ACTUALLY buff HGE spawns.

    As we know, FDev claimed to have "buffed" HGE's a while back. Then a week later they were stealth nerfed back to a worse a spawn rate than before. Maybe stick to them being a little more common and have more players actively playing the game, and less getting miffed that they can't ever find...
  20. Lateralus

    [Suggestion] Discovery scanners should trigger signal sources

    A simple suggestion: using your discovery scanner should trigger 2 or 3 signal sources every couple of minutes when used. This would help reduce the material grind to something more manageable as currently; looking for High Grade Emissions is probably the most fun-destroying activity in the...
  21. W

    Grinding isn't the player's fault

    I've noticed that when players talk about the game getting boring, they usually get accused for 'grinding' the game. I myself haven't made any threads or comments about Elite Dangerous getting boring, but I disagree that the player should be blamed for grinding the game. And to state my view...
  22. peterhudson

    QOL Suggestions for materials collection / grinding

    First off... credit to FDev for the change in the materials & data storage system in 3.0, having per-item storage caps and the ability to add materials to an ignore list are great features. However, I have a few suggestions on how this system could be made even better for the serious materials...
  23. Kleckerklotz

    Some thoughts about immersion + ideas

    First of all, I have to say: I love Elite Dangerous. Sound design is AAA (++), game depth is AAA, graphics are AAA, effects are AAA. Nothing to mention here. Therefore every following comment is meant to be constructive criticism. And you might guess where it's going. I'm going to talk about...
  24. S

    Rank Grinds.

    I know there are prolly a hundred people a day complaining about this but is there any plans to change it? I used to be okay with it but now any place i look that used to be good Rank grinding place is at War or crowded with independent stations. Sethos and Ceos are no longer an option it...
  25. T

    Lower "Hot Module" Cleaning costs, or Better, Remove them entirely.

    Yep, its a whiny one, sorry folks. Hot modules are a cash shink like no other. Yet another "You can't play like that unless you've done 3+ years of grind" barrier. Thats the most irritating part. Being punished by a game which advertises "Blaze your own trail" in the tagline. Gating off...
  26. D

    Engineering Grind vs. Limited Gaming Time

    Engineering Grind vs. Limited Gaming Time: The Farming grind for Engineering Micro-Resources that leads to burnout and ends with players leaving the game. Note: TLDR Summary... This is a feedback and suggestion thread on the balance between FUN, grind, and the limited spare time that most of...
  27. M

    Mission Target spawn times: absolutely absurd, yet very easy to fix.

    So, it seems the general consensus is that mission objectives take way too long to spawn. After my experience today, I'm adding my two cents to the pile. I've bounced my head off the desk in boredom many times before, but I've been waiting an hour now (as of starting to write this post) for a...
  28. Skelturoth

    Improvement ideas

    Hello all! After scrolling through the FB page and reddit, I really think that the majority of the players hate the endless grind and boardhopping in order to get the things done. I also understand the logic behind it - give the people something to do, so they don't get bored and leave! Now...
  29. C

    Guardian data retrieval

    Hi guys, returning starside after a break and in need of guardian data for the impending Q2 update. Can anyone confirm the current situation with data obelisks? Does one require the correct combination of artifacts to retrieve pattern data, or are you still able to get it just by scanning? Any...
  30. Werewolf13

    Ships Why Would Anyone want One...

    For the longest time I've kind'a wanted a T-10 - like since they were first announced. And since I had a spare 1/2 billion just laying around growing moldy I figured what the heck - let's go see what we can put together. So I made a trip to the ED Shipyard and built this Multi-Role T-10 just...
  31. N

    Mission board success!

    I thought I would post something happy. I've just got to rear admiral, and unlocked the covette. And I did this without grinding! Just using the new mission system! Woot.
  32. N

    Guardian blueprint brokers

    There is new stuff in the game. I want access to that stuff. It requires either a weapon, module, or ship blueprint. Actually each weapon / module / ship? require multiple. The blueprint puzzle getting thing is a good game mechanic, but: 1) The RNG gods decide which blueprint I'm going to get...
  33. andrak

    Consolidated Grind

    With so much of Elite consisting of thinly veiled or obvious grind I'm wondering how much of it can be shared across dinosaur park evolution goldblum world as there is more than enough grind to cover both games. In upcoming dinosaur world we can grind to elite in entertainment, science and...
  34. R

    Ok FDev, we need to talk.

    I wanted to put this in the focused feed back but I see that it has moved on and I didn't want to get removed. FDev, you are the intended audience for this post. First, let me give you a bit of background on my CMDRs. I have two Elite accounts on my Xbox. My first account is a deep space...
  35. Yamiks

    [video] Material traders are HORRIBLE
  36. Daish

    Can we ease up on material.

    Has anyone noticed everything is pretty much material based. USS full of... material USS combat aftermath sites...material Hi rez sites....material High grade USS sites..material Degraded USS sites...material Want to upgrade your ship...material Want to destroy Thargoids with AX weapons...
  37. B

    Dear Dev's: What's the Long-Term Vision?

    Please don't make this into a "I love/hate Elite" thread. This also isn't meant to be a suggestion thread. Just asking questions and praying that Frontier answers them. I'm currently recovering from my rage quit, but I'm curious about where this game is headed. It seems that I'm not alone...
  38. I

    We ALL should protest against FDev while stop playing Elite dangerous!!!

    I have enough of this nerf meta from FDev.. really, I'm just tired about this. AND I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so. SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE, NOW!!! The only answer to all "unplanned" things can't be to just put out the nerf hammer. We need real solutions! Listen, ALL ways...
  39. Zenoe

    A solution to the whole "rank grind" thing thats been going on

    Remove the military rank altogether. Make the rank locked permits attainable via missions to complete. Alliance now has two ships (kinda) in the type-10 and chieftain, those aren't rank locked but can only be purchased in alliance space or at Jameson Memorial. I mean, you already need a god...
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