Ships Mamba Mamba - Not muching loving for it?

Not a good thing if you're equipped to keep fighting after shields fail, but splash damage destroys all of your upper hardpoints.
It's fine once you learn to angle into blast damage from missiles etc. You can take all the damage on the 'clean' side of the ship and your weapons will be fine.
When my shields fail, it's time for a brave Sir Robin. Even against NPCs 1646 hull with resists between 24% and 29% drops fast. I'm typically down to ~75% hull by the time I boost out of range. My hardpoints are my least concern at that point. That said, I rarely ever lose shields.
It's fine once you learn to angle into blast damage from missiles etc. You can take all the damage on the 'clean' side of the ship and your weapons will be fine.
I usually try to maneuver so splash damage causes as little harm as possible, but this is not always practical, and there are few ships with wholly clean sides (the bottom the Mamba has four utilities on it that may be important and the drives are relatively exposed so I want as little landing near the back of the ship as possible). Sometimes it's best to be able to continue to engage an opponent even while the seekers/hounds keep coming. In these cases the FDL has an advantage precisely because not all the hardpoints can be damaged from one attack angle.

Point is that there is no universally superior hardpoint placement, and having all one's eggs in one basket, while it may make it easier easier to shield them, also tends to make them all vulnerable when something does get through.
The Mamba is far from only a combat ship. If you fit a SRV (🤮) it can become an excellent ship for short range exploration. My next project in ED is realizing an old dream. Taking my beloved Mamba to Sag A*, which I still haven't seen. Yesterday I finished the final engineering, so now it's basically a question of waving goodbye to civilization and go find that neutron highway. C yall when I get back (unless I decide to cross the event horizon due to uncontrollable curiosity).
You can build and engineer any ship into any role you want, no question. I prefer tooling then into what suits them best, but I will never nor do I want to lecture anyone into doing the same.
On my way towards the center of the galaxy today I kept having one single question concerning the Mamba. How can anyone not like this? It's one of the easiest ships for scooping, and you have an excellent view in VR. Not a scratch so far. It's a good thing those AMU's are made out of a material with a density of zero. Otherwise they would have been jettisoned already :)

I'd really like to see what happens when you cross the event horizon, but I find it harder and harder to accept a rebuy of this ship. It's a keeper, so I'll probably have to go back in a disposable Conda later.

Hmmm fair enough.

My combat fit pulls over 600m/s so faster than anything else that can kill it easily and tougher than anything that can catch it easily.
Boost re-hectoring and fa-off allows for some good manoeuvring as well.

But yeah ship choice in ED is a very subjective topic and each person finds out their own preferences.
That's the big thing for me. I love everything on the Mamba other than it's crappy maneuverability. Sure it's fast but it's not fast enough to warrant the hit to maneuverability and armor that it takes. I still use mine for combat every now and then but I'll pretty much just use my Chieftain or Vulture for fighting AI instead when I want to use a fast moving maneuverable ship.

If they did buff the Mamba, I hope they buff up it's maneuverability some more to be closer to that of the FDL's.
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If they did buff the Mamba, I hope they buff up it's maneuverability some more to be closer to that of the FDL's.
Thrusters. I don't need any better pitch/roll/yaw with such outstanding vertical/lateral thrusters. I just strafe into the direction I want to go while keeping the guns locked on target 95% of the time.
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My experience with both the FDL and the Mamba has led me to the conclusion, that these two ships were never meant to be flown the same way. So comparing the FDL ability to fly in a tighter circle, to the Mamba ability to dart and dash, and laterally move near instantly, is not a good comparison at all. A good pilot will fly these two ships very differently, and strategies will vary as a by product of the two different flight models. Both of these ships are very good imho. The FDL is probably the most universally loved PvP ship on the game, and everyone had one before the Mamba was even in beta, So when the Mamba arrived on the scene with near identical internals/optionals, most everyones natural inclination was to assume its a cut and paste job from the FDL, and as soon as they got into the Mamba and swapped out all their modules from their FDLs, they quickly realized this ship did NOT handle like their trusty FDL, and most pilots quickly swapped everything back onto their FDLs and firmly declared the Mamba to be inferior in every aspect, with the exception of the cockpit center line view, minus an OCD inducing support strut. I personally LOVE the Mamba. Once I learned her nuances and started to fly her much differently, I quickly fell in love with what this ship can do. I still have my FDL and im not trying to say that one is better than the other. I am more trying to maybe convince some of the pilots that maybe shelved the Mamba rather early, to give her another chance. Spend a little more time trying this one out, because you might just end up liking it.

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