Michael's Journey Through the Stars

Even though I've seen this thread countless times, I never read it until now.

I wish I had read it sooner...heartbreaking.

My sincere condolences.

o7 Fly safe Michael
Dear Elite Dangerous Community.

You will likely recall the story of CMDR Michael Holyland, who sadly passed way in May this year at the age of 15.

A personalised audiobook was created for him by the combined efforts of Frontier, Voice Actors and the Community.

It was Michael's wish that the audiobook be made available to the community so they could also enjoy it. We have taken the additional step of publishing it in ebook formats too. The book can be freely downloaded from the link below.

We are suggesting donations to Cancer Research UK in memory of Michael.


Thanks to you all. Right on, Commanders. o7.


The loss of a great Cmdr is always a tragedy for his family and the entire community of Elite pilots.

A painful story here.

RIP Cmdr Michael ! We are and will all be together among the stars.
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