Missions Board - Continuous soft locks if your scroll to the end of the list

can someone make a report and copy it here? apparently my English is not very good to do it myself

Edit: ok,i found it ,but as a problem before this patch, I have it now 😂😂
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Shame. I am at home today and was going to put some time into ED but guess I won't bother.
I just returned to the game yesterday hoping stuff like this would have been sorted, looks like I was dead wrong, can you imagine the carnage let loose with the Major update in December
Greetings Commanders,

I wanted to let you know that this issue has been logged and the team is aware.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for letting us know that this is going on.
yes guys ... you absolutely definitely need to run open beta tests of any updates or patches, regardless of their size or significance.
it's a failure ...
I logged in a bit earlier. This didn't happen for me. I scrolled to the bottom both in an individual guy's mission list, as well as the station faction master list.

No lockies.
I just triggered it on a different station with a longer list of factions.

it seems to be the number of missions available. lesser-reputation factions on this station which don't offer as many missions don't trigger the bug.
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The soft lock happens in the passenger mission list as well.
I'm not mad at you Fdev. I'm just disappointed...
Shame. I am at home today and was going to put some time into ED but guess I won't bother.
Hope there aren't too many Elections folks are wanting to participate in to, you know, keep their faction in control (or gain control). PP and BGS take a huge hit when the gods send in the locusts. :mad:
I cannot turn in a pirate massacre mission, as the only missions available right now are not eligible for me.

(There's also the issue that modules are (de-)prioritised in groups. Changing one's priority changes that of a slew of others. Looked it up in the issue tracker and voted it up.)
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