Ships Module reinforcement package in military compartment, bug or feature?

When stacking multiple MRPs of different classes, the highest class MRP is normally damaged first. This is fine, since once an MRP is depleted it will no longer take a portion of the damage and the protection ratio for hardpoints drops from 47% for three, to 42% for two, to 30% for one functional MRP. (I assume a depleted MRP drops its protection ratio as this seems the most logical, though I haven't found a reference for this.) However, when you put your highest class MRP in a military compartment it will for some reason be damaged last. Putting a class-3 MRP in military and two class-1 MRPs in non-military slots basically is a bad idea as the class-1 MRPs will be depleted first, and leave you with 30% protection. So, you'll see your modules go to waste much earlier. Two questions: Firstly, are my assumptions correct? And secondly, Is this a bug, and should the highest class be damaged first no matter if it is in a military slot or not, or is this intended behavior?
I'm 99% certain they are damaged in the order they are listed, and military compartments generally get listed last. Otherwise it's by power consumption (only relevant for guardian modules), then size, then rating. This seems to be intended behavior.

It's an annoyance, but if I recall correctly, the current functionality of sequential depletion was a compromise, and if they ever do what they originally wanted to with MRPs, damage will be split among them equally, which will make manging multiple MRPs quite a bit more difficult than it is now.
I would expect the damage to be distributed proportionally over all MRPs, so all of them would have the same damage percentage all the time, and they all go out simultaneously. The way it is implemented now is rather arbitrary. That is, if the resistance drops with each MRP that gets depleted which I'm still not 100% sure it does. I do see the canopy health dropping faster with more MRPs down to 0% during combat. Pretty hard to test this by myself. Now the order at which each MRP goes is pretty important and I feel it should not be.
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