1. F

    Module suggestion - Emergency barriers

    So I was in the fuel rats chat the other day and just threw an idea for a module out into it, which apparently a lot of them liked and told me I should share, so here it is: Emergency Shielding: At this point, I imagine it being an Optional Internal module, but I suppose that would be up to the...
  2. R

    Ships Module reinforcement package in military compartment, bug or feature?

    When stacking multiple MRPs of different classes, the highest class MRP is normally damaged first. This is fine, since once an MRP is depleted it will no longer take a portion of the damage and the protection ratio for hardpoints drops from 47% for three, to 42% for two, to 30% for one...
  3. PookaInSpaaace

    General Module haulers

    There is an invisible population in the galaxy. They shuttle ships and modules between stations. They do a poor job supplying Colonia with certain type of modules though. So there is a niche market. However, they are the only ones who can load modules or ships in their cargo hold. I must...
  4. rekurzion

    Guardian Shield Reinforcements - Power Priority

    Has something changed recently with this and the Guardian Module Reinforcement where you can no longer change their power priority? I know I'm a little late to party on all of the guardian modules but is there a reason why the FSD Booster can be powered on/off and have a priority set but the...
  5. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    More Module Storage

    I never thought I'd end up asking for this, but alas, now I'm getting in to PvP, I'm running out of spaces to store different configurations. This means it's actually easier to just have a separate ship for each configuration, which is means engineering core modules several times over. My...

    Make Hyperspace Dethrottle not require a module

    I really like all the quality of life changes this update, but one thing i am upset over is that the Hyperspace Dethrottle, the only thing i am interested in, requires you to install the entire module. All this setting does, is press exactly one key for you when you jump. That's it. Its...
  7. C

    Thargoid Cyclops solo in 4:34 min

    So I finally decided to try my hand at Thargoid combat. I've built the biggest tank I could, watched every tutorial video and went for it. After a while I realized I was killing Cyclops quickier than most videos. I was pretty proud of myself, so I tried to find which is the speedrun record for...
  8. Luna Valenwood

    Neutron experiments by a space mad explorer

    This post is essentially a culmination of some experiments I have been doing. At first it started out as a question on the fleetcomm squad chat. What happens when you neutron jump at 1%? Somewhere along the way it balooned into many experiments with people asking various things for me to test...
  9. Crimson Echo

    Prorated Material Salvage from sale of Engineered Modules and/or changes to Modules Storage

    Currently selling engineered modules to make room for more modules in the current 120 unit allotment is painful. This really only becomes an issue with a large fleet of vessels with different internals, the ton of modules that have been added like the new mining equipment etc, and need for...
  10. JohannStrauss

    New idea: smuggling compartments

    New idea: smuggling compartments placeable inside the regular fright compartments. Why? Because the current scanning procedure with a 100% detection is boring, annoying and useless. Depending on the quality against scanning the size decreases yet the chances of not being detected increases...
  11. Gavin786

    Module Storage Limits[Again!]

    Dear Frontier, I am now at point where I have a fleet of storage ships, must be dozens of smalls, sizeable fleet of asps + 2 storage condas. And I need more now. It is a bit ludicrous. For long time players who invest a lot in this game, module storage is a must. Especially for PvP where...
  12. N

    Stack otional internal modules in larger slots

    This is simply an IRL gameplay improvement idea, as in real life you can stack multiple smaller things in a larger space. Think of boxes in a box truck or moving van. Now I am not saying you that should be able to fit two sizes 1 module in a size 2 bay. Not all things are the same size or...
  13. D

    A balance suggestion that could encourage players to be better pilots

    Hi So this isn't my idea. I've heard other people mention it. Just wanted to discuss it somewhere Fdev might be watching. My proposition is to add a size 1 module to all ships. In that slot goes the flight assist module. This module can be removed and something else put there or kept. The...
  14. CaptainCaboose

    New Module(to improve Quality of Life for long play sessions)

    Morning all While I sit here at work shirking all responsibility, I had a thought: Kinetic Ammo Racks as optional internal modules. If, as a PVE combat-oriented T-10 player, I wanted to sacrifice some HRP slots to ensure I was carrying extra ammo for extended runs through the HazRez, I...
  15. L

    SRV Updates and Guardian Tech

    Something I have enjoyed since I first picked up the game about a year ago, is driving around in the SRV. Just navigating the surface of a planet-or I'm the process of looking for something specific. Personally, I would like to see some customization to the SRV, these being small upgrades...
  16. B

    Software licenses for things like docking computer, kill warrant scanner, advanced scanner.

    We would purchase them via a monthly credit payment or for a percentage of our profits. Maybe kind of like a difficulty setting on some racing games, where you can turn off traction assist to earn more credits, but this time, these difficulty settings are software that interfaces with our ships...
  17. dmulligan

    Powerplay Buying modules

    I've been power play only for the modules. I'm a few modules in so far and I'm looking for advice about how many spare modules I should have in storage so I don't have to wait another 3+ weeks later on. I made sure to have one prismatic of every size plus a couple on ships and an extra spare...
  18. B

    Higher grade cargo racks

    they could have more integrity, resist pirating, hold more cargo at the cost of weight, resist having cargo fly away once your cargo hatch starts malfunctioning.
  19. Yamiks

    [video] Guardian VS Meta-alloy VS normal & engineered MODULES
  20. DoppelGanger

    Guardian Modules are great for new CMDRs and more

    Great stepping stones between base module and engineered. Also, sometimes they are great for veteran CMDRs who just want to fly a new ship (for a testdrive and such) and have some benefits with their unlocked modules without going through the whole Engineering process or just did not bother...
  21. C

    Sensors, Limpets and Gameplay (and how module racks can improve them)

    The sensors on a ship are, unfortunately, one of the least valuable modules on it. They contribute very little to the actual ship (especially when compared to other core internals like distributors and thrusters). This irrelevance leads to a situation where sensors are picked solely based on...

    WARNING COL 173 SECTOR GS-J B25-4 D 2 Module Blueprint Impossible bugged

    Im Angry i flew out to COL 173 SECTOR GS-J B25-4 D 2 takes some time side is bugged 1 pillar dont come up from the surface so 1 hour flight 1 hour searching the pillars for nothing. Bug reported:
  23. Xaintly

    Superjump to a beacon

    The basic idea is that you can scan a beacon and then jump to it from a long distance away. Some tweaks to this idea: You can only jump to beacons you have scanned, and lose this scan when you die The superjump requires an optional module with charges, like an SCB. Module size determines max...
  24. Xaintly

    More module types

    Some additional variety in module types would be useful, this could allow wingmates to take on support roles. Cloaking device - reduces the sensor signature of the ship (probably better to restrict this to specific ships with a module slot that allows it) Sensor scrambler - Reduces the sensor...
  25. Valen Zendaris

    Proposal for More Versatile Outfitting (No Engineering!)

    Summary: This proposal is about the principle of converting hardpoint slots to optional internal module slots. This allows an increase in the number of optional internals a ship can carry (= versatility/functionality), at the cost of firepower. Example of conversion rates: Small Hardpoint =...
  26. S

    Battery bank for short term power

    I am an explorer and the primary limiting factor I see for exploration is damage to the power plant from heat damage or getting to close to something and being ripped from super cruise. I would love something like a battery bank to power an AFMU even if it could only power it long enough to...
  27. M

    Module shopping

    I was thinking the other day that it would be pretty cool if you could fly to a station, and purchase parts for other ships. Then pay to have the parts transported to another station. This would be easier and more realistic then current settings. Another idea is to have it to where if I want to...
  28. Roen Soul

    Heated Armor Panels / Heat Module

    Heated Armor Panels / Heat Module It seems that Thargoids use weapons that are not so effective against heat. I would like to have gold plated heat panels / modules to roast the green stuff off my ship. By this I would not roast my own ship modules, but the heat will be distributed so that it...
  29. A

    Multicrew Exploration

    Suggestion for a way to pair multi crew with exploration Scanning lab module for determining the exact value of exploration data before you scan could be player multi crew and hired crew. The crew could also work as a scanning turret to scan bodies from any angle and multiple at the same time...
  30. Bionic Bytes

    Organise module storage better and increase size

    I’d like to see an increase in module storage to hold more engineered items. Also a filter system to help organise the display of modules, eg Hard points Utilities Core modules Optional modules By location By engineer modification grade This would help utilise module storage more...
  31. Coccolino

    WHAT THE... modules LOST?!

    I just bought a new FSD (for another ship) to get engineered by Farseer and the only way to do it is mounting it on my current ship. I did that, and the old GOLD engineered grade 5 FSD module, which I spent days on, got LOST because my module storage is full at 60/60. NOT A SINGLE WARNING...
  32. Punished Mobius

    Between the Imp Hammer I unlocked today and the new AX Multicannons, I have no room whatsoever for module storage. Fdev.

    Between the Imp Hammer I unlocked today and the new AX Multicannons, I have no room whatsoever for module storage. Fdev. We have been saying this for quite some time. All you need to do is change that 60 to 100. It should not be hard to do. All you need to do is to decide to actually do it. It...
  33. Vortex-XIII

    idea: new optional internal - 'module carrier' (QoL)

    How about having a 'module carrier' optional internal module? With which we can store and carry around an unequipped module? Say, with a size 6 'module carrier' we can equip 1 size 5 (or lower) module of any type (weps, shield-gen, thruster, etc) to it - without having it active, of course...
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