Multicrew in exploration still USELESS

Hello, fellow CMDR's.

I'd like to share with you my experience with a multi-crew in beta and now in live 3.3 chapter 4. I need to point out that 12th of September Will Flanagan posted this statement:


As part of the exploration update, we are making sure that multi-crew members can use the discovery scanner and detailed surface scanner at the same time and all discoveries are shared among crew or wing.

This allows wings or commanders in multi-crew to engage in exploration together, each earning credits and exploration rank and making the process more efficient.
So as you can see they've promised us rewards for doing exploration in multi-crew. So I did some testing.
First, I opened a session in "exploration" for multi-crew, then I invited my second account on my laptop. Then we travel through few systems that we both never been to before. I let my second to do the work on one system. Scanning was good, both FSS and probing was shown to my "host" account and discoveries were shared. So far so good. There was one bug that is already reported that in MC your probes counts as 2x so one probe after hitting a plenet will show you that two probes already impacted and that makes efficient probing really hard.

I also did scan a few systems with my "host" and the went to nearest starport to sell data. My "host" did well, he got the reward for all systems including one that "second" scanned and probed, easy 4 mil Cr. Then I ended the session, and surprise - 0 Cr reward in session. Ok I get it. But same is on my laptop. 0 Cr reward for 45 minutes of scanning. No money gained, no exploration data to sell, and when you got to galaxy map to check systems they are not visited. So where is the rewards for player who helped scanning and probing whole systems when MC gives him nothing and no data is shared AFTER multi-crew? Btw, that system mapped by second, has now first mapped by "host" accont. So even though he wasn't doing anything he get's the credit for it.

Summary of this is that it's nice to have help, but to enjoy exploration together we NEED to have some recompensation for time spend other just than a view!

I posted a bug report about this here:

Please share your opinion on the matter.

And as always, sorry for bad English.

Multicrew has always been a half-baked mess. It could have been so much more, but it seems features like this (wings, squadrons) aren't fleshed out and fall lightyears short of their potential.
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Multi crew mining is also a mess. When i had crew, the warheads detonated before countdown ended every single time and after i split the rock, i couldn't see the goodies so to use the abrasion. When the crew left the ship, the goodies appeared magically. So thats it... no more multicrew, just like before.
Multicrew will be really difficult to implement in terms of earning credits for exploration for one simple reason: cash in.

See, bounty hunting is a fixed value. If you shoot down a wanted target of X rank in X system, you'll always get X credits. So it's easy to reward someone.

In exploration, all that money depends on a ship actually returning to base to cash in the exploration data, and then also getting potentially extra for being first discovered, first mapped, best efficiency, and earning extra for scanning the entire system. IF the ship survives the trip back.

So in the end, only way multicrew money making could work is if crew gets a fixed base rate for scanning and probing, which can be (and should be) noticeably lower than that earned by the pilot as they are the ones who have to make it back to base and risk their ship. And of course, just like combat, multicrew credit earning should be based on their own exploration rank.
It's a real shame that such an amazing feature is total rubbish because of stuff like this. My mate and I were really excited to use Multi-Crew . . . until we did.

FD sure seems to enjoy baking amazing cakes, and then glazing them with motor oil.
I don't think it's useless when you're showing a friend something cool far far away, or trying to see something far far away that you don't plan to go to. As a collaborative exercise with gameplay functionality... not so much. Does the multicrew temporary passenger get to at least add the content to his or her personal codex for viewing things?

I could imagine a player-based tourism economy. I multicrew with you to visit a lagrange cloud and see new critters, which are then added to my codex. You then multicrew with me and take the profit from some bounty hunting or mission completion. Quid pro quo every one wins and it's within the game mechanics.

Some enterprising squadron could actually set up a Discord tourist board.
If not money I just wanna have things I discovered with a host in MC. I can help in exploration if I will get data from it.
I hope they give us NPC crew someday. For exploration, systems could slowly start "filling in" planet by planet as the NPC science officer "scans" each system. The caveat being that NPC shouldn't be as good at doing something as practiced humans are, so it could faster to use the FSS ourselves, but also more "work". There would also be things that would require the CMDR's direct control, like flying to a planet and firing the surface probes.

Personally I think multiplayer multicrew is doomed, but I really want some NPCs on my bridge, ideally doing something useful.
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