My experience of the game over time

In two months time, the game would be 1 year old, so it is crazy that I am still coming back to the game after all this time.

I saw the most recent live stream that is showcasing update 1.7 and the new carnivore pack, and I was inspired by Chanté and James to put in my thoughts into the forums of my experience with Jurassic World Evolution. So please, grab a cup of tea (or any beverage of your choice) and see what I think of the game so far.

The game was released on june 12th I believe, and I was awake the night prior to try out the game for the first time. It is the first time I played a tycoon zoo game since zoo tycoon 2, and I loved it. I got the deluxe bundle that came with the extra dinosaurs and I was hooked on the game for weeks, learning the tools and building my parks, but mostly watching the dinosaurs. My eyes were dry for the longest time as I would spend a good portion of my summer playing this game.

However, like many players, I was starting to see the flaws of the game:

• The dinosaurs would die fast.
• The genetic modification gameplay feels secondary.
• Sandbox felt like just a large map with not much to do or play around with.
• Campaign mode ended on a very abrupt and anticlimactic tone.
• Buildings could be a fuss in times.
• The velociraptor had very subtle skins.
• There were very few carnivores in the game, and I will admit that I was bothered by the sizing of the large carnivores, spino, giga, and trex.
• Dinosaurs did not sleep, nor did they herd, and carnivores are straight up murdering machines.

With all of this, I still had fun, but it felt lacking. This feels like a game that was rushed in ways. It was missing features, dinosaur variety, gameplay options, and it did not have a straightforward direction of what to do. It was a large campaign mode with a singular sandbox island.

What kept me hopeful was the fact that the game has dev support after release for a proposal of at least 3 years. Now that we are 10 months in, what is it like?

• Longer lasting dinosaurs
• New challenge mode, now with all maps to play on
• Dinosaur resizing, the carnivores feels amazing to have in game now
• A giant amount of sandbox options
• New day and night cycle
• New dinosaurs that changed from 42 to 59!
• Updated A.I. for herding, sleeping, and controlled hunting
• A new capture mode
• New skins for old dinosaurs
• New story based DLC with hybrids and made the genetic gameplay really fun and primary!
• 2 New maps, from 6 to 8.

All of these were implemented over time, and they feel great when a new update comes, building on this game to make it better. And what I genuinely love? The community that is helping build the game over time.

This community, both the fans, gamers, and developers, are all amazing to be in contact with. They all have their viewpoints and perspectives with the game. Each month we would see new members in all areas come together because of this game, and for once, I don't feel alone when it comes to my love for a dinosaur game. I even had bestinslot mention one of my park idea of a 5 star park with a singular dinosaur on his video and that made me feel extremely happy! And seeing other players parks and photographs gets me excited to get back to the game and try them out for my own. And whenever I go to these livestreams, it does not show but whenever Steggs, Bo, Chanté or any member of the team mentions me, I drop whatever it is I was doing and listen with excitement. I do apologize if I asked a lot of questions (its a bad habit), but I love to know more of this game and the people behind the game and the people playing the game. So really, thank you all for letting me turn my favorite game into a full on pastime where others get to enjoy the same gameplay I love. It means alot to be in this timeline where dinosaur love is at its highest point and growing. ♥

Now with all of this, Jurassic World Evolution is my favorite game, but it is not the perfect game. Just because I love all that the game is doing does not mean it is lacking in areas. I would look at user posts here and see their viewpoints, both praise and criticism. And I am excited for what is to come as the summer update could answer a lot of remaining problems we still have in the game, it sounds like something amazing based on the 1.7 livestream. I only wish for the game to grow with new buildings, new guest mechanics, new maps, and new gameplay mechanics, and more amazing and awe inspiring dinosaurs. And give the raptors some cool skins! Not movie or character skins, like the new carnivore pack which is my favorite pack so far, I would love to see the raptors have skins that show off colors and their patterns, zebra striping, Tiger stripes, and something blue, red, and purple!

When jurassic world evolution turns 1 this year, then I believe we should have a great game on our hands. It has improved a lot since release and I will be playing the game's campaign mode all over again for the first time since release day to get a better perspective of where we came from and how the game has evolved from passionate fans and developers. Maybe this time I won't let the ceratosaurus break loose. 😉

Thank you for reading through this! I have been holding my thoughts for a while and I felt like the time is right. 👋
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