My suggestions for security in Jurassic World Evolution (DLC?)

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Recently I sent a message to the Jurassic World Evolution team via their FB Messenger asking if I could make suggestions. I was kindly told that I could, and that they'd let the team know. I sent through my suggestions, and while they have yet to be read, I am very impressed by the team having been open to suggestions in that manner. Anyways, I would like to share my suggestions below (I've copied them over) to see what the community thinks of them. I've tried to keep these somewhat realistic, and am basing these on the videos I've seen on YouTube covering brief playthroughs of the game. Some of these things may well already be in the game, and I may not know it because only the first hour has been publicly shown. As the only area where improvement seemed at all possible given the amazing look of the game (beyond the obvious stuff like marine/airborn dinos, or more guest variety) was Security, I've made my suggestions specific to that area, and centered them around Jurassic universe realism (as the devs have named this a priority and it is also largely desired by the fans).

Copy of my suggestions below, Enjoy[smile]:

"From what I have seen your development team has nailed the dinosaurs, the graphics and the management details within the game out of the park. It's amazingly well done and looks stunning! The only area where I could really think up possible additions (besides marine and airborn dinos of course, but that is a common suggestion and probably has been discussed) was the area of Security and the ACU. The escape aspect of the game.
What I most want to see is a more advanced (in a couple of ways) ACU system. I would pay for a DLC to have the following things. For all I know several of these are already in the game or planned for it, I've only seen the limited content publically available on YouTube, but I'll list them just in case any haven't been discussed and are of interest to the Team. Thanks again for agreeing to pass on ideas. It is greatly appreciated and very rare to find such a receptive developer in the gaming community😀

Ideas for Security as follows:

1.) An ACU ground team: let's be honest, that little tranquilizer on the helicopter isn't going to do anything to stop an escaped Indominus Rex. Especially if plans exist to add airborn dinos in the future, the park needs to have an ACU ground team like the one we see in the movie when it is sent to capture the Indominus. This team should also have an option (which may be toggled by the player) to deploy with lethal or non-lethal force depending on the circumstances. Having an ACU team that can actually go and slug it out with the bigger, more dangerous, dinos would add a great element of danger to escape scenarios in the game.

2.) An upgrade to the ACU helicopter allowing the use of lethal/non-lethal (like with the ground team suggested above). ACU members should be able to engage the T-Rex and Indominus in a way that is true to the movies... meaning they shouldn't be able to take those big carnivores down with a simple tranquilizer. A sniper rifle, or even a minigun (like the one used against the Indominus by Simon Masrani and his team on the helicopter in Jurassic World) would feel like more realistic choices to use in the battle against an escaped and rampaging Indominus.

3.) This one is far less important than the previous 2, but I'll mention it just because I think it would be cool to see. In the event of a mass escape situation (let's say a minimum of 10 carnivores have escapes, and there have been atleast 5 guests killed, as a random hypothetical example), the player should be able to trigger a response from the off island In-Gen Security division (like Hoskins did in the movie), calling a large force of heavily armed company mercenaries to rain down upon the island to try and clean up your mess... at a significant cost to your budget of course. Such a mechanic should only be available for the most dangerous escape situations and be a last resort (due to its financial repercussions).

But yes those are my suggestions for the ACU and Security division features in the game. As I said I think they would be very cool, help bring the game a more realistic (true to the movies) approach to security, and would be worth paying for in a potential DLC. Not to mention the fact that I think a lot of YouTubers and players in general would probably have fun using those features to create carnage and capturing the feel of a theme park turned warzone (to paraphrase Claire's "warzone" comment in Jurassic World). People should be running about screaming for their lives under the screech of air raid sirens, ACU gunfire, and carnivorous roars and shrieks during a mass escape. That's how it looked in the movies, and the game would do well to capture that same feeling of panic and urgency. You, as the player, should never feel certain that you have the situation under control during a mass escape (if you think "I'll just shoot that Indominus and those raptors with the helicopter tranq gun, no big deal"... there is something wrong with that game mechanic, lol. You should be as freaked out about the situation as the guests in your park😂. As a park creator I want to be in the same situation as Claire should a giant hybrid carnivor escape and threaten to destroy all my hard work... that being I want to have to tell myself, as much as my team, that everyone needs to "remain calm"... while having a small, thinly veiled, panic attack internally, lol). As the dev team hinted in several of the aforementioned YouTube videos, things will go wrong and there will be escapes, as that is true to the movies. When that happens, it would be very cool to feel just a little bit scared for the future of your park, and to have to chaotically fight to bring the situation back under control and keep your guests safe.🙂"

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on these below, I'd be happy to discuss them with everybody[smile]
Yes, security issue is critically important in this game.

For ACU helicopter, (not sure if it has already been implemented) they should be made vulnerable under heavy storm - at least at a much poorer efficiency.

I would like to see a detailed ACU ground troop too - with all kinds of different tools as in the movie. I hope that there are options to choose the type of tools they use and have options to make them specialized in certain missions (For instance, maybe using bikes and smaller tranquilizer/electric hand gun when capturing smaller dinosaurs?) Preferably, we can control the team manually too. That would be thrilling.

For lethal weapons, I'm not entirely against it. First, it would be important to have good Dino AI. The Dino should engage the ACU strategically (evasive, hiding etc). Without it, we are simply slaughtering them as big dumb targets. That's not good at all.

I'm totally agreed with you that everyone should really freak out in such an event of a escape. It has to be epic!
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