New galactic averages

And here we were all worried about a nerf.

I think Frontier realized that fleet carriers sell Arx. I spent more IRL $$$ on Arx for my FC than I ever expected to. Now EVERYBODY will have a FC, and while we are fueling our FCs, Braben will be fueling his yacht with Arx money :p
Now maybe I can mine less, now the fear of having my income nerfed by whining thread after whining thread has lessened.
Don't wanna mine? Don't mine. Don't unf it up for those of us that do.
I know for the time being I'm done mining. I was more concered that prices were going to be nerfed..

PS where are the patch notes?
If the FC's can now set their own buying price of LTD's how are we, the small player to know who is offering the best price. Unless I travel to every FC I may get a low price If I sell to the nearest one. Anyone got any thoughts on this.
In the 33rd Century, there's this bizarre dichotomy where humans have mastered FTL travel but are somehow baffled by simple client-server networks. Or maybe there are just no good UI designers. Regardless, this REALLY ought to be available in-game, but since it's not here's some 21st Century tech to the rescue:

If they would just let us install MySQL Workbench in our mining Pythons... the galaxy would be so much more immersive. Even better, what if we could write the queries from our mining Pythons using Python?! Now that would be sweet.
Some averages have been adjusted with the patch today. The one that affects me the most:
LTD old: 57k
LTD new: 232k

Which means my FC can offer 2.3 million per ton?
That's neither here nor there. What I want to know is, is your hair really as curly as your forum avatar? Because I doubt it is.
Speaking of, would anybody like to LOAN me 1000 LTDs? I'll give them back, I promise! I just had a brilliant idea. I've got two PS4 accounts that I don't use anymore. My plan is to have those two CMDRs load up on Tritium and "live" on my carrier as an emergency fuel tank. Thing is, I have some wealth over on PS4 that I never had transferred over to PC. Using the same buy / sell mechanism that some of you used to transfer credits to me, I can in turn use LTDs to transfer my wealth from PS4 to PC! Clever, huh?

Once I'm done with the transfer, I'll sell the LTDs back to whoever loans them to me at the same price they sold those LTDs to me. I'm just using your LTDs to "launder" money in the quickest way possible from my old accounts to my new account.

1000 is a ballpark figure - make it whatever a Cutter can carry.
You'll be able to do it yourself.
Fly out your PS4 commanders to your Fleet Carrier
Jump out to somewhere reasonably remote to minimise the likelihood of random commanders stumbling across you.
And then min / max the commodity market to allow the PS4 funds to be transferred across.
You dont need LTD, you will be able to do it with just Hydrogen
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That's neither here nor there. What I want to know is, is your hair really as curly as your forum avatar? Because I doubt it is.
You would be a fool to think my hair is that curly. We don't have the proper options in holo-me:
You dont need LTD, you will be able to do it with just Hydrogen
I was thinking of using my Tritium as a backup plan. I think LTDs give the best ROI between buy and sell, but after selling most of my assets on PS4, I came to realize I wasn't as rich as I thought I was (I've got about 1 billion credits after liquidation). So yeah, Tritium should work fine for this.
I just watched the video showing the exploit still works.
No matter how desperate I was, I would never use an exploit like this. 🤷

And no, I don't think CMDRs being able to gift credits to other CMDRs is an exploit. A huge part of capitalism revolves around gifts!

If you go to a nav beacon, it automatically downloads all the prices for the carriers in the system. You should then be able to use the galaxy map filter to go through the prices offered per FC. Unfortunately, the last patch seemed to screw up the galaxy map filter prices working correctly. Maybe they have fixed it, maybe a glitch. Filling up my T9 with dull diamonds is dull so haven't been able to test fully.
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