New Pack; Fantasy?

A Wonderful Fantasy Pack..!

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to expand the packs that we now have with something like a ‘FANTASY PACK’ which is still missing? So we can make the most beautiful fairytale like rides. Feel free to add rides or animated objects that you feel are missing from the game. (In this pack-theme)
Here is a list of what it could contain;

- Horse on single track,
- Double Spinning Coaster (‘Wanja’s Fear & Winja’s Force’),
- Extreme spinning coaster (‘Time Traveler’)
- Inverted-spinning (Dark ride roller coaster, 'Arthur')

- Droptower (With variable heights),
- 5 types of midway games; Shooting gallery (crossbow, gun, lazerpistol) Throwing rings, Throwing Balls (against cans, targets), Waterspray shoot, Hammer strength game,
- Grant Carousel

- Madhouse (Customizable),
- Funhouse Walkthrough (With placeable track elements like in ‘Das verrückte hotel tartüff’),
- Maze/Labyrinth (Stone and hedge)
(These last two would be great ad-ons, mabye possible on a path? With two ticket-ride operators at each end?)

- Splash Battle Ride (Interactive with guests, more sorts of themed boat vehicles),
- Lake Boats (Swan/row/canoe etc.),
- Big Logflume (4 persons across),

- Gondola Tour (Venetian love version and Creepy black cloaked version)
- Lift (guests can get from one level to another, Big/small/open/closed/wooden platform/metal platform, with walls/without walls but with fences) (Also maybe possible in queue-line?)
- Chairlift

- Small Droptower,
- Great fun slide (5 persons aside each other),
- Small fun slide (3 persons aside each other),
- Spiral Slide,
- Trampoline Park (Customizable),
- Playground (Customizable with swings, slides, climb walls, ladders, platforms, hanging rings, sandpit, etc.)

- Candy shop (Lollipops, chocolates, caramel sweets)
- Waffles Pancakes & Churros (With butter, Forrest fruit, Sugar, Ice)
- Salads & Sandwich (Healthy food)
(I know that some people don't want extra stalls but more options at the existing ones, but some more variaty would not misstand, and because I think that the 'themes' of these are very different from what we allready have).

Doors, Windows, Trees, Flowers (illuminating, big, small, colorable), Brackets, Ornaments, Statues, Walls, Pillars, Floors, Curtains, Flags, (Different sizes, colorable), Roofs (hay, more sorts, flexicolor), Lamps, Candles, Fenches, Market Stalls, Small Guest sized Bottles/Glasses/Cans/Plates (in other words; guest sized Cutlery), Small guest sized Food (fruit; grapes, apples, oranges, coconut, pineapple, vegetables; tomatoes, broccoli, other; Bread, fish, flesh; in other words; everything for marketstalls and shops) Jules Verne objects, Steampunk objects, Fairytale objects, Medieval tents,
(All flexicolor of course).

- People; Old wizard, Young wizard, Old witch, Young witch, (Waiving wands, flying on broom, reading books, doing enchantments, etc.), Mermaids, Siren, Trolls, Elves, King, Queen, Prins, Prinses, Jogglers, Fire-eater, Sword-eater, Fortune teller,
- Fantasy Characters; Nymph, Dwarfs, Giants, Gnomes, Ents, Fauns/Satyr, Vampires, Werewolves, Ghost, (Different types; man/female, cloaked, flying, floating, spooking guests, grinning, appear/disappear, transforming), Fairytale Personages/Characters, (Hansel and Gretel, Pinocchio, Rapunzel, Little red riding hood, etc.)
- Animals; Unicorn, Colorable horses, Griffin, Hippogriff, Centaur, Dragons (small, big, separate pieces), Phoenix, Birds singing, Colorable cow/bull, Sheep/Goat, Pigs, Chickens, Donkey, Cat, Dog
- Objects; Rainbow, Illuminated water (and waterfall), Mushrooms (large, medium, small, illuminated, non-illuminated), Beanstalk, (growing), Eyes (giant, large, medium, small, extra small, Moving), A doll (guest like body, with separate pieces; like arms and legs removable from body, moving in different ways), Staircase moving, Jules Verne objects, Steampunk objects, Fairytale objects, Gates opening and closing, Walls moving, Window’s opening and closing, Moving tree branches,
(All flexicolor of course, Plus with seperatible pieces!! So we can make whatever we want; endless possibilities).

- More styles of path textures,
- Illuminated path’s (flexicolor)

Of course I know that all of this in one pack would be maybe way too much, but it’s about that some of our best idea’s will bring it to the light of day in PC! Love to all and feel free to add![up]
Yeesh, most of these packs are 10.99 and have at least 1/4 of what you described, but one addition I would like to make is Regular boats, like on Pirates of the Carribean, small world, Navi River Journey, Piraten en Batavia, Living with the Land, Storybookland, and other boat rides with some drops.
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