New Paintjobs

Still want more classic grey ones. There's enough flashy ones, enough multi-coloured ones, enough that looks like sports-wear with the label printed all across it, there are even racers and metallic ones. And there is a Nemo Dolphin, 80s retro wave ones with palm trees, snakes curled around Kraits and Cobras...

I demand more classic paintjobs.
Space ships look like that since the 70s in most TV-shows and later games.
Why are there so few for Elite? Grey in many different versions. I want a matte grey, a reflective grey, a light grey and a dark grey and on top of that I want a slightly used grey that doesn't look like it's corroded, but more like the the Millennium Falcon. What about classic Battlestar Galactica grey? Space Balls 1 grey? Star Destroyer grey and X-Wing whitish-grey? I want machines, not toys!

I have spoken.
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