New Regions – Why not use the ones already established by the exploration community?

At first seeing the sectors I wondered why they’re so jagged and interlocking ? Is it a technical consideration or just to make it look more interesting and complex?
i'd say the jagging is aesthetic, however some shapes and sizes really suggest there is special motiviation behind those regions. thus my previous comment in this thread.

btw ... you are still flimley, right?
Speaking of regions. If the community eventually discovers the main secret in a region, is there some big reward, like unlocking new modules, ships or blueprints?

First thing that went through my mind when I saw the regions in the livestream was "hey, what about the ones we've already established?".

I hope they'll be able to merge them somewhat.


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A lot of signed, without saying what they want to happen, so I can only assume it's proposal 1. Look at it realistically there's is no way, given how close we are to release, that FD are going to change that much of the structure they have already put in place. It's just not feasible.

Now if they had of communicated this back when the Exploration FFF was supposed to have originally gone live then we might have had time to convince them to make a change along these lines, but alasy they didn't.

I think it's pretty clear that they have plans already for the regions they have set out and, as has been suggested, they will tie in to things that are already in place within the Codex. So asking them to change the layout, or the naming is not just as simple as changing the wording on the Galaxy Map. Just on a side note, I hardly think we came up with the concept of calling parts of space regions.

As they already said this view would be a toggle my proposal would be to implement the GMPs map as a view that can be toggled on and off. That way FD don't need to change anything with the work they have already done, and we can still use the names we made and refer to them as such (if wanted) when creating expeditions.
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