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Silly question, I'm seeing an influx of .io domain suffixes, what's it supposed to represent?
Just tried out the webpage, it's great. Will have to try the routes presented tonight.
Googlefu: .io is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the British Indian Ocean Territory. Source: wikipedia
Right. To answer the question behind the question... .io is popular these days because, well, it wasn't popular until recently. So it's easy to get a nice short domain like etn.io! Also .io has 33% less letters than .com!
Like most trading tools these day you are missing the most profitable trades that PP introduced.
Stations that Buy and Sell the same item only show numbers for Supply. Demand is empty and thus all trade tools think that they can not sell this item, but you can.
As an example: My favorite trading tool, when set to "show me the most profitable trade between two stations", tells me to trade in coffee/tea one way and land enrichment systems the other way- for a trip total of 600cr/t.
However, I am trading Imperial Slaves for over 3000cr /t one way (the sell system can sell and buy the same item, but only show supply numbers) and the mentioned "land enrichment systems" the other way. All trading tools that I have tested miss this trade!
Before PP this system only had Supply of Imp. Slaves- you could not sell to the system. Now due to PP passive effects, you can sell Imp. Slaves to the system, but as mentioned earlier, the demand for imp. slaves is empty and thus all trading tools think you cant sell to the system- but sell you can. I have made over 50mil on this trade the last couple of days.
This is only one example, but I have been in a lot more system where the same thing apply- since now I have to manually hunt for the best trade route and basically is back to pen and paper again.
Edit: I am not sure if trading tools miss this trade due to empty demand or if they get confused when you can sell and buy the same item, but one thing is for sure that all tools I have tested do miss this trade.
Is it generally true that you can sell at a station with 0 demand as long as a price is listed? That seems like a bug.
Interesting tool, the first one that i have seen to calculate a route from A to Z with the rest between.

Just one thing im missing...
is there a way to reduce the amount of jumps?
Currently it shows me a route with 15 jumps. oddly enough, my route that i currently fly, a simple ABC - CBA route, gives me around 400k per trip, while the 15 stop route on your page gives me just 1M with 15 stops.
so...yeah...with a way to reduce the jumps, i could see it as a very usefull tool
There isn't currently a way to reduce the route length but if you click the add nodes button in the bottom right it will show you more routes. Some are likely to be shorter. Someone else requested the option to limit route length so it's high on my list. Add it is easy since the backend already supports this. Out of curiosity why do you follow an ABC - CBA route? Presumably AB - BA is more profitable than CB - BC (or vice-versa). So you could make more by picking the most profitable segment, though variety is always nice. If you add more routes do you see parts of your other route?
This looks great, very visual, I like the set up. I always think multi hop routes are a bit more interesting than just back and forth. I really like the way it looks at credits earned an hour rather than just by the ton. The fact it factors in distance from the star is really impressive.
I pushed out a new version. Fixes:

  1. I fixed ED Shipyard imports. The main issue was that ED Shipyard and ETN disagreed on naming for Type-7 and Type-9's. I renamed them in ETN to match.
  2. ED Shipyard imports now work with alternate-locale separators (e.g. 1.000,0 T).
  3. Fixed divide-by-zero errors causing search failures due to zero price points creeping in.
  4. Adding error dialog indicating when there are 0 results.
  5. Misc small tweaks.

Note that there are two main open issues people are hitting:

  1. Some stations have no landing pad data. Setting one as source or destination causes the query to fail. The work-around is to just set the system name as source/destination.
  2. Currently you need to specify a full system name (or system: station) in the source and destination fields. Partial strings will autocomplete but you need to select an option from the drop down.
Haven't had chance to try it in game yet, but I've had a quick play with it and found it very easy to use.

Will try a trade run later.

You know, this had me thinking.
A set of 3rd parties, in their spare time, write awesome tools. This one in particular has a great interface, feels funky, is a real help and easy to use.
Now, compare that with the in-game... well... just compare it with the in-game stuff (I don't want to call it 'tools').
Why am I bringing this up? Because it's somehow embarrassing that for a game that's heavily reliant on trade, none of the build-in capabilities come even close to what enthusiasts code up in their spare time. And with so many great ideas around, it's not like FD doesn't have a blue print to use. One could be cynical and argue they don't want to spend time on useful in-game tooling?

In any case, I love this. The graphical display makes it so much more in-theme. Just awesome stuff!
Is it generally true that you can sell at a station with 0 demand as long as a price is listed? That seems like a bug.
The bug is that the demand is empty or the number is hidden. Trading to the same station over a whole night I noticed the price drop after a while, so the demand is there- It is just not showing in the demand field.
Stations in question should be able to sell and buy these items due to new PP rules.
Zemina Torval - Empire: Production consumption of imperial slaves doubled.
Stations that before only had production of imp.slaves now also have consumption. This consumption is not shown in the demand list, but the stations in question do have both buy and sell price.
So the bug here is: either that these system should have demand and supply of the same item and therefore demand should be populated or system that before had supply should not now have demand (or the other way around)
The bug for the demand field not being populated is a minor one, that mostly affect trade tools, but if the bug is that these system should not have supply when they have demand (or the other way around) is a major one- and personally I find it strange that such a major bug did not raise any alarms during beta testing.
This was just one example, from one power, with imperial slaves. The same goes for all powers that adjust consumption/production of different gods (high tech, agricultural, metal, mineral).
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Brilliant tool, just tried it out and except for expected minor price differences it made me a good profit.
Only 1 thing it doesn't take into account Permits! tried to route me via Exbeur that needs a permit.

Good work though.
I really like this! The UI makes me smile!

Edit: So I put in Branglal: Skripochka Gateway, multi hop route right back to Branglal: Skripochka Gateway (test, its my old trade area, not showing my current LOL), and it shows at top in green that it will take 1h 5m, and will be a 10 hop route netting me just over 10m. Am I reading this correctly?

So how do I read this:
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Is it generally true that you can sell at a station with 0 demand as long as a price is listed? That seems like a bug.
I don't think you can sell if the demand is listed as 0/LOW in the market (buyPrice==0, demand==0, demandBracket=="Low" in the EDDN data, e.g. this message).

You can however sell if the station supplies the item - i.e. there is both a SELL price and a BUY price in the market (buyPrice!=0, demand==0, demandBracket:unset in the EDDN data, e.g. this message). Given that the station supplies the item it's unlikely that the sell price will be particularly good in this case, 'though. I assume this is so you can sell back items you mistakenly bought.

Edit: Just tried it. Yes you can sell if there's a sell price - even if demand is listed as 0/LOW in the market (demand==0, demandBracket=="Low" in the EDDN data) or if the station doesn't list a demand but supplies the item (demand==0, demandBracket:unset in the EDDN data).
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