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I would like to see more weather mechanics in the game, with the new DLC ‘Claire’s Sanctuary’ there is a mist effect in Nublar North which I would like to have in sandbox mode. Maybe add a new weather like lightning striking buildings in the park. To me this will give a better sense of atmosphere to your parks.
I think we could go a little further in the reflection. I find that the game lacks weather management, In Jurassic Park Operation Genesis we had an option in the part "map" that informed us of the weather to come, it was an interesting option. We could also have more diverse weather conditions with specific effects like:

- Heat wave :
- make dinosaurs more nervous
- There are no clouds
- Why not a higher demand for drinks from visitors

- Fog (more or less thick):
- Reduces visibility in general for the player,
- Reduce visibility from the observatories.

- Cloudy:
- There could be alternating periods of rain and cloudy periods. (I noticed that often when it rains we can still see the sun, it's strange ...),
- Why not a reduction in the number of visitors (when the weather is not good we do not leave the hotel!)
- Regarding the rain we really need umbrella or yellow jackets (reference to Jurassic Park) for visitors.
- The cloudy periods could also announce a storm, there could be an uncertainty when the weather that it will do ... a simple rain, a storm or a hurricane.

For example, here is what could give an alternation of weather on a time x:
sun / heatwave / cloudy / rain / cloudy / storm / cloudy / sun / sun / cloudy / fog / sun / heatwave / cloudy / hurricane / sun / cloudy / rain / cloudy / rain / cloudy / sun etc ...
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I just thought of other incidences of the heat wave:
It could affect the power stations, make them break down. Why not affect the water level, the level would drop for a period and if you have too small lake, they would be dry and the dinosaurs could not drink, combined with the fact that their water statistics deteriorate faster during these periods that could create a deadly risk
Someone else made a thread about adding fog to the game. Would really love to drive around my parks in spooky thick fog. Maybe add some spotlights too?
I just thought of an additional option, not a major but nice addition: It would be nice to have the time it is on the island (directly on the screen or in the map), whether when the time is fixed or when we choose the day/night alternation option
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