Notice to Devs. Do or die. Exploration.

Three things to start with. If you don't do these... that's it.

1: The debeigeifacation.
2: Add reflectivity from orbit.
3: Add transparency to ice worlds and shine to metallic worlds. Along with the lighting effects.

At the moment this is a cartoon game. When I look at a pizza, it has more 3d ness than a typical world. Everything is totally matted. Get rid of that first. Because you know what? EVERY world that is in horizons looks like a cartoon. We pay extra to land in blended soup. Try and fix it. Please.

Is there at least an option to keep light level...zzzz. Nope. Not in the menu, and not in the beta.

That's my first and as I consider it... Absolute prerequisite after the scripted thargoids come along.

Multiple light sources and reflectivity from orbit and below. EASY. Don't even try to fiddle with exploration before you have done that. Ill pass the flame to the others now. Those guys who genuinely love the game... and want to see the smallest of touches. - lads - hit them hard. Keep it simple as can be.
Sorry OP there are ways of asking...

Thankfully other threads are covering this subject in a more constructive and cohesive way.
I think Fdev are aware of the communities thoughts on these issues. I think where your post and previous posts on this matter come under some degree of ridicule is because of the tone of the posts. Which are delivered more as a demand, ultimatum ....'this just in'.... Kinda way..

Which never flies on this forum.

Just sayin.
Yeah. Im sorry. Just getting incredibly fed up. What is this? LEGO? Seems like they got it out of Beta, designed the galaxy and gave up. David Brabens contribution to the game world. I honestly don't thing you give enough credit to dave where he has "tossed" his omelette over. It seems to me sometimes that the only thing he needs credit for is actually designing a RNG galaxy. Which is not easy. But that was his contribution. Game over now.
Well I could try to criticize the original post and claim it overly exaggerates the problem with Elite Dangerous.

But I have been in conversation with many Star Citizen fanbois recently, and it seems their main criticism of Elite and why they would not even try it is - you guessed it - the planets look like children's drawings.
If we look past the arrogant language, he has a point. Yes, majority of the rendered planet surface is very repetitive and usually doesn't involve more than 3 colors.
We can compare it to SC and they rendered few planets, some without atmosphere, and it looks much better. Before I am being told to play SC, I understand its less than half finished, but comparing the planet rendering only, they win by much, not even talking about the atmospheric planet(s) that they already have.

I also have another issue with relative size of objects on the planets, specially planetary bases, from the height of 10 kms you can distinguish structures, buildings and landing spots, if you ever flew on a plane, which flies at an altitude of 10kms, and you look down, you see mainly grey spots where cities are supposed to be, you dont see individual buildings. In ED the planet bases look massive from 10kms height as if we are 200m above.
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