Only unhappy people complain

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Speaking of alcohol, imagine if they had bartenders in the game. 😏
Oh yeah, I'd like a cocktail icon next to their name, to clearly indicate they sell drinks. And we could have Jaques, the most famous bartender in the game ! That's be cool !
I can't handle alcohol, and get tipsy with a glass of wine. When I'm drunk, I can't stop laughing and tell the worst possible joke. They are so bad, they are at the boundary between "random sentence" and "joke". Eventually I stopped drinking because it was very embarrassing.
I wonder what that mean about me.

Anyway, if I had to be judged in a pub, even if I'm proven innocent, they'll still send me to jail for the "jokes".

Did you know that on average a deer can jump highter than a house?

It's due to the fact that deer have very strong hind legs.

And also due to the fact that houses can't jump.

That's a good one to tell next time you're drinking with friends.


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I was waiting for the Eleanor Rigby post.

Probably best to close this and get back to darning my socks...
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